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Archive for October, 2008

Beautiful Memories – Bolivario Lobo – Class of 1970

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Bolivario LoboHi! I am Bolivario Lobo from the 1970 Batch of SSC from St Theresa’s Vasco. I was called Boli for short since some of my classmates could not pronounce my name properly. This short form continues until now with many of my friends and colleagues.

I am delighted to know about the Golden Jubilee Celebration of my School.

I have so many beautiful unforgettable memories of my school days from 1967 to 1970. (more…)

Great Memories – Mrs. Dorothy Carvalho – One of Our First Teachers

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Mrs. Dorothy CarvalhoBeing an ex-teacher of St. Therese my fond memories of this great institution are still evergreen & have a special place in my mind & heart. I was a staff member in 1963-64. My six children studied & acquired the best of their knowledge in all aspects from this prestigious seat of learning & dedicated staff. My due respects & appreciation to all those who have contributed to this institution & best wishes to those who will be, in future, taking on this noble responsibility. I wish St. Therese’s a glorious future.

Congratulations to My School – Deepty Rawal – Class of 1998

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Deepty RawalMy name is Deepty Rawal, my email address is

I’m happily married and settled in New Jersey, and working as a Sales Analyst for a Marble & Tile Company.

Well I passed out in 1998… and will be attending the function with my husband…

It makes me so proud of being a part of this School. I was really excited when I got the news that the School is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

I will be there for the Golden Jubilee and am all excited to come for the function and see my School, my classmates, my other friends and my (more…)

Fond School Memories – Snehal Jain – Class of 2000

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Snehal JainI passed out of school in the year 2000 and my sister and I will be attending the reunion.

I have an incident which I have not forgotten till date. When I was in the 2nd grade once my dad was due to come back from Mumbai. He always got a lot of goodies for us and every time my sister got home before me cos she was in the HKG and she was left at 12.30; therefore choosing the best stuff before me.
Hence I decided this time I would get home (more…)

Love and Nostalgia – Olivia Carvalho da Costa – Class of 1977

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Olivia Carvalho Da CostaI pen these few lines with profound love as well as incomprehensible nostalgia. I for one remember St. Therese’s as if I graduated, just yesterday! I enjoyed every passing day. I remember each and every teacher who enriched my life. I am what you made me, and for that, forever GRATEFUL! A teacher affects ETERNITY! The ripple effect created by this noble profession never stops. The education was impeccable, I was fortunate to partake in many of the cultural events as well; the elocution competitions, the dramatics, the annual events, the choirs, the carols, all developed a great deal of talent in us.
I take this opportunity of saluting this Great Institution, its founders, its staff (past and present) and its student community. (more…)

Are There Any Papayas Left? John Almeida – Class of 1974

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

John AlmeidaGreetings from Alingsås, in the West of Sweden!
The first of the Autumn storms visited us last week and others are waiting in a line, out over the North Sea and Atlantic. We had, I think, two weeks of an “Indian Summer” end of September beginning of October.
The landscape is now covered by Autumn leaves, in beautiful and varied shades of green, yellow, orange and red. They will fall as soon as the first frost sets in. It’s cloudy and windy today but at 14C, not all that cold.

There are a couple of relations that make me feel warm all over.
Amongst them, is the one to Louise (my Cat) and that to the Old School! The enthusiasm radiated by this fine site is enormously heart warming and I sincerely hope, that many will join the (more…)

Congratulations St. Therese’s! Michael Bemvindo Carvalho

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Michael Bemvindo CarvalhoHi,

I am Michael Carvalho, living in Alberta, Canada, I studied as St.Therese’s until my 3rd standard (1974-1975) then left the school to continue at Regina Mundi, had strong connections with the school, my 4 older sisters studied here, (Alina, Honoririna, Olivia, Judy) as well as my younger brother Stanley, I am so excited I spotted my batch photo, it was my last year at the school 3rd standard 1974-1975, & yes I cannot recognise myself, (could be I was absent that day) but I recognise my mates, the photo stands at 4/30, on the bottom row, is Shym Sunder, Ernesto, do not remember the name of the Sikh boy, he also had a sister studying in the same class, (more…)

Memories of a Great Foundation – Poornima Shenoy – Class of 1980

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Poornima ShenoyHi,

This is Poornima from the Std X batch of 1980. My sister Nita (now Dr Nita Sharma) passed out in 1981. We studied there from 1971.

St Therese’s gave us freedom of thought and even in the 70s most of us girls were thinking of careers in medicine, etc. and had a fierce determination to do well professionally. Our teachers were wonderful: Mrs. Singh, Mrs Gupta, Zelia and Flavia, Mr. Menon, Mrs Cidalia…we got to love the subjects they taught. The nuns gave us a strong sense of discipline. (more…)