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Putting names to faces – By Lianne Falk-Rodricks – Class of 1978

Lianne Falk-RodricksHello All,

Thanks for taking us on a trip down memory lane.

Image 19 on your website is of my 5th Standard Group. Class Teacher was Ms Maria do Ceu Gomes (AKA Bijou) now Mrs Rodrigues who now lives at Altinho Panjim.

The Names I can recall are: (all from left to right with (x) marks for the names I cant remember. Do forgive me if you’re one of the x’s….)

Last row: Lianne Rodricks, (x), (x), Fatima, Lalita Baretto, Joanita, Argentina Rodrigues.

second last row: Sandeep Kundaikar, Ronny Henriques, Cedric Dias, (x), Robin Henriques, Jose, Pankaj Thakkar, (x), Satish, Alphonso, Mukesh, (x), Querozito Dsousa.

Middle Row: Sumeeta Jhulka, Nita manuel, Kundavi, Margaret, Joe Abreu, Jerome, Ligia, Baljit, AnaAngela, Lyndell Mcmohan.

Second Row: (x), Anna fernandes, Elsa Almeida, (x), Tosca, Teacher Ms Bijou, Prajatha Pradhan, Andrea Azavedo, Olive, Maryann, (x).

Front Row: (x), (x), Alfeu, Nazareth, Akil John, Kamlesh, (x).

If any of my former classmates, teachers or friends read this……do write back. It would be great to hear from you after all these decades. I am based in Nairobi, (Kenya) now.



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  1. Nitin Phadke Says:

    I am Nitin Phadke. My brother Avinash was in your class(4th second last row from left) and I was 3 yrs junior to you all.
    I remember Andrea also as I was in Dhempes and she was there too.
    Its simply amazing that you remember most of the mates after such a long time.

  2. Gustav Rodricks Says:

    HI all,

    Great to hear that St Theresa’s is celebrating 50 years- seems like only yesterday we were starting off in the new building when it moved to Mangor Hill. Lianne forwarded me the link, and I looked at my class picture (21 to the right) and after all these years the names came back…most of them at least. Here goes (and my apologies if I get any wrong)
    Left to right, top row to bottom, with an x for those I cannot get
    x, Dulcina, Asha, x, Shamshum, x, x.
    x, (Perpetua?), Lorna,Selma, Kavita, Olivia, Ameeta, Berna, x,x Lianna
    Kevin, Andrew, Ramkrishna, Diogo, Gustav (me!), Gavin,
    Marcia, Belinda, Geeta, Kalpana, Meenakshi, Ms Fatima, x, Yolanda, Nancy, x, Gurvinder
    R. Nagesh, William, Neil, Hubert, Raganath Where is Marie Celeste???

    Drop me a line if any of you will be in Toronto anytime soon,


    Gustav Rodricks

  3. Michael Bemvindo Says:


    I am michael carvalho, living in Alberta , Canada, I studied as St.Therese’s until my 3rd standard (1974-1975) then left the school to continue at Regina Mundi, had strong connections with the school, my 4 older sisters studied here ,( Alina, Honoririna, Olivia , Judy) as well as my younger brother stanley, I am so excited I spoted my batch photo , it was my last year at the school 3rd standard 1974-1975, & yes I cannot recognise my self , ( could be I was absent that day) but I recognise my mates, the photo stands at 4/30, on the bottom row , is Shym Sunder, Ernesto, do not remember the name of the Sikh boy, he also had a sister studing in the same class, among the girls I recognise the biggest of all Josphine. cool.

    Class mates where ever youll are , I would like to know youll again in your 40’s , get in touch if possible , my email
    I wish the St. Therese’s the very best in future.

  4. Elvin Godinho Says:

    I am Elvin Godinho (1971-81) and was junior to you by 3 years. I interacted & played basketball with many of your classmates (Cedric, Joe, Andrea….). Looking at your names to faces it really helped bring back memories of those days & my seniors. It is really nice that you were able to put so many names to faces after so many years as I could get only a few names to faces of my 2nd Std. class photo.

    Nitin Phadke my classmate, I am surprised to see your reply above. All these years, I do not know your whereabouts & have been wondering where you are? Since you have not given your email address above, please drop me an email.

    Elvin Godinho

  5. Olivia Carvalho da Costa Says:

    I pen these few lines with profound love as well as incomprehensible nostalgia. I for one remember St. Theresa’s as if I graduated, just yesterday! I enjoyed every passing day. I remember each and every teacher who enriched my life. I am what you made me, and for that, forvever GRATEFUL! A teacher affects ETERNITY! The ripple effect created by this noble profession never stops. The education was impeccable, I was fortunate to partake in many of the cultural events as well; the elocution competitions, the dramatics, the annual events, the choirs, the carols, all developed a great deal of talent in us.
    I take this opportunity of saluting this Great Institution, its founders, its staff (past and present) and its student community. I wish St Theresa’s tonnes and tonnes of all success and longevity always.

    Just a few additions, as well as a few corrections for photo 21/30

    Standing: 1st row- Benjamina, Dulcina, Asha, Serena, Shamshun, (so sorry), Maria Celeste.
    2nd row- Seema, Perpetua, Lorna, Selma, Kavita, (me) Olivia, Ameeta, Berna, Ajitha, (I think)Alice, Leanne.
    3rd row- Kevin, Andrew, Ramkrishna, Diogo, Gustav, Garin (not Gavin).
    Sitting: 1st row- Marcia, Belinda, Geeta, Anuradha (not Kalpana), Meenakshi, Ms Fatima, Hemangini, Yolanda, Nelsey (not Nancy), Isabel, Gurvinder.
    2nd row- Nagesh, William, Neil, Hubert, Ranganath (not Raganath).


  6. Rahila (Suvarna) Kaup Says:

    Hi Lianne:
    Not sure if you remember me. At first I couldn’t recognize your face but when I read Gustav’s article, my doubts were confirmed. Aren’t you the children of Mr Rodricks, the headmaster from St Andrews School? My mother, Mrs Suvarna taught in the same school as your dad, for many years. I remember how you & Gustav would attend every St Andrew’s school function with your dad just like my sister & I did with our mother.


  7. Lorraine DeSilva Says:

    Hey Lianne

    Gotta thank you for sending me the link.

    Met Gustav and family some time ago -was a pleasant surprise!

    U gonna b at the celebrations? It’s gonna be a very memorable one.

    Have a good one


  8. Lyndel McMahon Says:

    Hi Lianne,

    I take it that you remember me, as you managed to name me on the photograph :o) What has been happening? and to reiterate Lorraine’s question, will you be there on the 28th?

    This website is too addictive. but, absolutely wonderful. I try not to get on too often, as everything around me gets neglected!

    What a wonderful way of traipsing down memory lane. Am so looking forward to the 28th. Hope to meet up with you there.

    Take care


  9. Namrata Parekh Says:

    Hi, I graduated in 1995, I just can’t seem to find any of my classmates or the picture of 1995 for the matter of fact., I rememeber my best friends, Divya Vasu and Soraya D’ Rosario. I am married and live in Michigan,USA I have a 10 month old daughter. Well Now my Last names changed to Namrata Carolan, My husband is Patrick D’Arcy Carolan, and My daughter her name is La Darcy Nataniella Carolan. I have so many memories OF MY SCHOOL and I was one of the tall girls and just the three friends we were called 3 musketeers. We all lived in Zuari Nagar..I miss You two girls you were a part of my whole life..

    Well I would like if someone gets in touch …
    Love u guys..

  10. Beena Naik Says:

    Hi Lianne, Wonder wether u remember me cos i was a whole lot junior to u.. but we both attended ASIAN Games together…This site really heped me get in touch with soooo many of my old friends.Well here is wishing u all the best and ..have a great time. love, Beena

  11. suzette da silva Says:

    Hi Beena,
    I do hope you remember me. Where are you? I seem to have lost touch with most of my classmates except two or three of them. do keep in touch. were you there on the 28th? i really missed it.
    Love Suzette

  12. Beena Naik Says:

    Hi Suzette, Oh,yeah I do remember u..Where on earth are u now and what are u upto?Much as i would have liked to do so i couldnt attend the celebrations on the 28th.Well do send me your e-mail id so that we can keep in touch-mine is Iwas so happy to hear from u. Do get in touch and have great year-2009.Bye and love, Beena

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