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A Window To The World – Priya Rau ~ Correia-Afonso – Class of 1980

Priya RauI loved school. Especially St. Theresa’s. This was from 1975-1980.

People bunked or wanted to finish off with school, I never did. I wanted it to go on!!

The friends I made and the wonderful teachers we had, made it always feel like summertime. I simply never got sick because skipping school was worse than getting the flu.

I remember the welcoming smile of Mrs.Gupta, the good humour Miss Vicki always brought with her and Zelia our Maths teacher whom I greatly admired- enough to try my best in her Math class, just to hear her say the words ‘Well done’! Our teachers, truly brought out the best in us. Many of them, knew each of us personally something I doubt happens in today’s schools.

Growing up was full of experiences. I remember having to sit with a boy in Class 7, for the first time. Coming from a family of four girls, I was horrified. Boys were a species unknown. Those were the days in the seventies when the most evil thing you could do as a student was to read a smuggled “Mills & Boon”. I’m sure today’s students do a lot worse!! Now, many years later, as a Mother, the teachers have my sympathy!

Ex-students usually think of a school in terms of what id did for them academically. Thanks to the excellent teachers I did well enough to get a rank in Class X but that wasn’t the only I received. School, to me was the best place, after home. A place where you could meet wonderful people, from different places in India , with such different ideas. As a 14 year old St. Theresa’s was my window to the world.

The one regret I have, is that of losing touch. 27 years have passed, I now live abroad but the memories are crystal clear. So, St. Theresa’s on your 50th Anniversary you are warmly thought of byall your students, scattered across the globe. Congratulations! A Great Innings from a school that has given so many students, great beginnings.

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  1. Layla Mascarenhas Says:

    Yes, school was real fun. When we were there we were dying to grow up. But now it seems a pity we grew up so fast.
    Sir Menon, Miss Vicky, Miss Zelia, Miss Flavia, Mrs Gupta, Mrs. Singh,Sister Gemma, Sister Nano, Sister Elvira… people we can’t forget.
    Mrs. Singh always had a kind heart for Bonzo, the school dog. She faithfully fed him rotis every morning.
    St. Theresa: We were lucky to belong!

  2. Priya Says:

    Hi Layla,( I think there is only one Layla Mascarenhas …!!)
    Good to see that you remember even Bonzo!!
    Hope you and your brood are well.(
    Will be down in December hope to meet you.

  3. Marina Correia-Afonso Says:

    Jumping Numbers by Marina Correia-Afonso

    It is never too late to say “Thank You St. Therese’s” for the many happy, formative years my daughters spent within your portals! Today I smile when I see long serpentine lines of anxious parents waiting to admit their wards to school it takes me back so many years when Lalita, Priya and Deepa were already in school and only Romilla remained to join. She had to appear for the entrance test –all of 4 years of age, She went for the test only to emerge an hour later with the verdict that she had Failed as she did not know how to jump numbers! Tony, my husband, an extremely mild person, on hearing this insult to his little daughter, grabbed Romilla by the hand and took her straight to Sr. Michael’s Office. Not waiting for pleasantries, he said “Sister did you know how to jump numbers when you were 4 years old?” Poor Sister was quite non- plussed and admitted that she did not know and realizing Tony’s problem she immediately admitted Romilla! I am happy to say that 10 years later Romilla. like her sisters passed through school with Honours and a State Rank. And so I want to say a Big “ Thank You” to the staff , the wonderful and affectionate Teachers and so many cheerful friends they made all through those years. Today I am happy to say that they are all professional women. good wives and happy mothers ! Thank you St. Therese’s!

    Benaulim, Goa:
    2nd. October 2008.

  4. Vandana (Rao) Nayak Says:

    Wow!! Lots of old memories coming back….

    St. Therese’s has a very special place in my heart, having spent so many years there. Never fail to remember all the wonderful staff members who taught us – a lot of what I am today is due to their hard work and dedication.

    My daughters love to listen to stories of my school days, as they form their own memories and experiences.

    BTW – Priya, you don’t look a day older than when I last met you 20 odd years ago 🙂

    Vandana (Rao) Nayak
    Class of ’84
    Austin, TX


    Priya,Hiiiii..aiways wondered where u were.Remember me?.Am in touch with quite a few from our class..Am in mumbai working with AIR-INDIA..Memories have all come rushing back..Can u get in touch..Am trying to make it on the 28th..plz do come..

  6. Priya Says:

    Hi Jeethi,
    Of course I remember you & Rahila too.So good to hear from you. How are you?
    What is your Tel Number?
    I am in Dubai and have been here since I got married.
    Yes I am planing to be there on the 28th with my three sisters but I doubt you will recognise me. I will have to wear a shirt with my name!!
    I am a freelance Art Director & work for an agency from home. I have one daughter Mallika who is now 12 yrs old.
    Are you married? How many Babas? I would love to hear from you.
    Love Priya

  7. jeethi suvarna Says:

    hiii,at last..was waiting for your reply..and ofcourse,waiting to see you..there’s no way i will not recognise you..i have just been given leave for 4 days..will reach Goa on the 26th n will have to be back on the 29th!!!.my e-mail address is mail me and will give u all the details…am leaving on a flt to tokyo 2moro n will b back on the 30th,but will have access to the net so please do keep in touch..send me ur e-mail address, jee

  8. Caroline Pereira Says:

    Hi Priya – I was delighted to see your familiar smiling face and have taken the liberty of writing to you through this website. Although i am not an ex-pupil of St. Therese’s, (having passed out from St. Anne’s Pune, which incidentally is also celebrating its 150th anniversary this year), i received this link through a cousin in Holland, and on a whim decided to visit the site. Delighted to be able to get in touch with you and hope you had a lovely time at your school celebrations. I am looking forward to going to Pune for our school celebrations later this year and in January 2009 as well.

    It was lovely to see little Mallika as well, whom Fr. Roque was so proud of, and had told me about all those years ago. Remembered and missed him very much on the 29th. Hope that Mum, Dad, Lalita, Deepa, Bala and Karthik, and Romilla and their families are doing well. Please do give them all my best, and tell Deepa and Bala that i remember them with deep gratitude and that my little Joanne is now in Std. VI (will be 11 years old on 17 December).

    All the best and love to you and yours. Hope to hear from you.

  9. Priya Says:

    Dear Carol,
    How are you? Was so happy your Joanne is now 11! Was it so long ago that she was a small little girl. I remember how fond U.Roque was of you & never failed to give me an update on you. Hope you are well. Are you still in Mumbai or have you relocated like the rest of us? I plan to attend our schools golden jubilee celebrations in December. Cant wait to see my family again! Keep smiling.
    Love Priya

  10. Rosy Dourado Says:

    Dear Priya,
    Not sure if u will remember me.But I cannot forget you. Name Priya and all that comes to mind are the beautiful paintings. I am sure the whole class will agree that we all used to wait when Priya would unfold the painting with our time-table.
    U look so glam. Looking forward to see u on the 28th. I am one of the few who r still in Vasco.

    Love Rosy

  11. nitin v phadke Says:

    Hi Rosy,
    Are you in anyway related to Sophie or Christopher Dourado.
    I was their class. I passed out in 1981.
    Nitin v Phadke
    You can contact me on

  12. Priya Says:

    Hi Rosy,
    Of course I remember you with the pretty eyes.
    How are you? Lucky you to still be in Vasco.
    I remember all the lovely years I spent there growing up.

    What career did you pursue? What are you doing now?
    Hope to see you on the 28th.

    Love Priya

  13. Venkatesh Betigiri Says:

    Hi All,
    I remember joining St.Therese’s in the fourth or fifth std. My first hour at school shook me to my very foundation. Not nowing the convention at assembly, I was observed happily chatting away to my neighbour and at the end of it ,as I was passing by Sr. Michael, I was landed a heavy blow on my face. On releasing that I was a new admission,she immediately came up to class and apologised to me in front of the whole class.

    I will never forget Sr. Margaret who introduced me to the class with a hug.

    I now teach technical subjects in Government Polytechnic Panaji.

    Rosy, I often meet Gail’s elder sister and mother in St. Inez., Panaji.

    Sunil must be a flourishing businessman of Vasco.

    Corodine also is a teacher in Govt. HIGHER Secondary School in Vasco.

    Looking forward to meet all classmates and schoolmates at this special event.

    I have a programme on 7th Dec at Rotary Community Centre, First Floor, Tilak Maidan Complex, Vasco (Entrance opposite to ICICI Bank) from 11am to 12.30 pm, on Rhythmic Breathing for Total Health. Hope to see some of you there.

    EMAIL – , Mb 9422443421

  14. Deepa Kunde (Kane) Says:

    Hi Priya,
    Im sure u remember me.I very clearly remember the romantic Priya reading MBs in school.what a pleasure to see u with your daughter. I too have a daughter, Pooja.she joined college this year.
    Yes, school was the best part of my life.The excellent teachers we had- Mrs. Sheshadri,Mrs. Gupta, Mrs. Cedalia, Mrs.Gupta,Mr. Menon.we were really blessed.
    I m an anaesthesiologist, worked for KEM hospital for last 17 years,promoted last month as Profesor and at present with Nair hospital,Mumbai.I owe a lot to St. Theresa’s.
    can’t wait to meet all of u.will come down on the 28th.

  15. Pushpa Menon Says:

    Hi Priya!Wonder if you remember me?But I still do.All these years I have often wondered where you are?Seeing old classmates bring about a lot of memories of school days.It was really good to see you.You look terrific and very different from the Priya I knew at school.Glad to know you will be there on the 28th.I am still in Vasco.Shall catch up with you when you come down.My e-mail address is love to hear from you.

  16. Priya Says:

    Hi Deepa,
    I do remember you with your lovely long plait as tall as you were!!
    Waiting to meet up with you and all the others on the 28th.
    I havent met anyone in ages and was delighted to get in touch with Jeethi
    & all the rest. I was sad that Mrs.Gupta & Sumita both passed away this year suddenly they were a big part of my school experience.
    Bye for now,
    Hope to recognise a few faces!!

  17. Priya Says:

    Hi Pushpa,
    Hope you are well. Like Rosy & Corodine I can see that some of you have enjoyed staying on in Vasco. Do you ever meet up with old classmates?
    What career did you pursue? My three sisters and I are excited with the Jubilee celebrations & are planning to be there on the 28th. hope to see you there.
    Bye for now

  18. Roque (Rocky) Fernandes Says:

    Hello! Priya:It was awesome reading your blog.It brings back a flood of memories, especially since I was your desk mate for nearly a year untill Mrs.Gupta found you too talkative,just kidding…,always naughty me. Rosy did remind me that Good Ole Mrs.Gupta did the same when Sumita sat next to me..Ha!Ha! Pardon me! Ihope this comes thru legibly(blackberry) as I had a few minutes to kill in my car waiting for my Sophmore, Renuka(15)to get out of School.BTW You look great!I remember your folks,Dads a great guy.I hope I can make it on the 28th.It was great reading stuff by all our classmates.Jeethi! Thanks for the Bday wishes.. you,Sheila and Rosy(pretty eyes) made my day.

    I was very sad to hear about the Guptas, 80’batch should do something in their memory,Rosy suggested perhaps a Scholarship fund.

    Well good touching base, look forward to meeting all you wonderful mates..Deepa,Venkatesh,Sunil,Rosy,Jeethi..and You…IF I can get a flight out of San Francisco in time.

  19. Priya Says:

    Hi Rocky,
    Difficult to imagine you with a 15 year old somehow!! As for the chatting remember it takes two hands to clap!! Great to hear from all our batchmates. I have lost touch being in Bombay right through the college years. I’m hoping there will be many classmates who make it on the 28th.
    I visited san Francisco 2 years ago, I must say I found it more picturesque than Los Angeles and Vegas. We hired a car and drove around with a map….! it was quite alarming at first not knowing where to turn but in the end we even found our way to San Diego on highway 1. It was a really spectacular drive.
    Bye for now,

  20. Venkatesh Says:

    Hi Everybody,
    This is Venkatesh from Subita’s class. Subita was the School Leader for our batch. I also met Teacher Rodrigues here in Panaji a few months back. She did not teach our class, but during conversation, when I mentioned our school, we realised that it was a small world indeed. Poornima Kini Shenoy also has posted her snap. DO find time to post your comments there too.

    Looking forward to meeting all the classmates on 28 Dec.
    Venkatesh Betigiri 9422443421,

  21. Subita peres da Silva Says:

    Hi Priya and everyone else who has logged in on this page,
    Hey You look fantastic…exactly as I last remember you…and your little girl does look like her mothers daughter..I have a fourteen year old boy twelve year old girl.I was just telling them the lovely wedding card you designed for me..
    Great seeing and catching up with you all.I have really fond memories of the school as well.All of my five other brothers and sisters have been through the school at some stage.Mum even taught there for awhile..So I am quite sad that I will miss the celebrations..I will never forget the wonderful teaches we had esp..Ms Zelia Rodrigues,Mrs.Singh,Late Mrs.Gupta,Ms Vicky Dlima,Mr. Menon and of course every other teacher who helped us be the people we are today.
    I currently am in NZ,working as an anaesthesia specialist and enjoy work!!Hoping to have e a nice vacation in Goa next Dec..
    I am quite useless organising my time efficiently ….so find it a challenge to keep in touch but will try..
    Rosy..thx for telling me about this site…will email you
    Deepa,…not spoken to you for awhile…will get in touch
    Nice hearing from you venky (also my neighbour for a few years)Jeethi,Pushpa,Roque..Gosh school seems so long ago..and I feel horribly old .
    Hope you guys have a nice reunion..and a lovely celebration..
    Bye for now,
    PS A wonderful Christmas season to you all..and good health and tons of happiness in the New Year


    Hi Priya, Sorry to catch you in this forum.. this is Kamini (Hotel administration)from Sophias, Bombay. Just wanted to say hi. Its been a long long time.Do keep in touch.

  23. Sylvia Says:

    Opened this blog only recently and though I am not a student of St. Therese’s but my daughter Marlene was. Now remember me!!!!! I remember all those early school days of yours wanting to come and play with Marlene when she was a toddler and telling me how you would have 12 kids and how in reality you stopped at 1!! I must say your daughter reminds me so much of Romilla but then it must be the Correia Afonso genes or your mom’s!! I remember all those early years with all rushing to school to hop into U. Gabriel’s van. Marlene now has a son who is 2 1/2 yrs old and is adorable and keeps us amused. They live not too far away so I can get to go over to your place and play with Krish. Do not know if you will open this blog after that grand day.

  24. Sylvia Says:

    Opened this blog only recently and though I am not a student of St. Therese’s but my daughter Marlene was. Now remember me!!!!! I remember all those early school days of yours wanting to come and play with Marlene when she was a toddler and telling me how you would have 12 kids and how in reality you stopped at 1!! I must say your daughter reminds me so much of Romilla but then it must be the Correia Afonso genes or your mom’s!! I remember all those early years with all rushing to school to hop into U. Gabriel’s van. Marlene now has a son who is 2 1/2 yrs old and is adorable and keeps us amused. They live not too far away so I can get to go over to their place and play with Krish. Do not know if you will open this blog after that grand day.

  25. Priya Says:

    Dear Sylvie & Gabriel,
    Happy 2009!
    Was so delighted to read your email. Cant imagine you as grandparents though!! You are frozen in my brain as a very young couple but then I look in the mirror & do realise that times have moved on!!!!
    My Goa trips are usually of a 7 day duration in which I crawl on to my Mom’s balcao and listen to all her news and try to mop up the gorgeous sights of the red mud & the coconut trees. I was happy to meet Piti & Zi at the function but it would have been great to see you guys. Someday soon!
    Lots of love

  26. Priya Says:

    Hi Subita,
    We missed seeing the Peres Da silvas at the jubilee!! I guess you are all scattered across the globe.It was wonderful to see all the same faces enlarged ( like some of us!!) How are you? Do you like New Zealand. I visited Australia 5 years back but didnt make it to kiwiland which I hear is beautiful. I have been in Dubai for the past 14 years and I find it becoming like Mumbai especially when the Pani puri shop opened opposite my apartment!! So whenever I get homesick ( which is often) I drown my sorrows yes… in pani puri & not the goan way!! Happy 2009. Hope we see you sometime.
    Love Priya

  27. Priya Says:

    Hi Kamini,
    How on earth did you track down this website. Will write on your email. Hope all is well on your planet… even if we do share the same birthday so much catching up needs to be done. Sophia seems like years ago although I hear that everyone is in Toronto!! Happy 2009!
    Love Priya

  28. Rupa Says:

    Hey class of 1980.. Priya, Rocky, Rosie and the gang.. does anyone remember me! hello! Actually Joyce Fernandes told me about this link via fb. OMG, we had so much fun in school. Remember how we use to be so scared of Sir Menon. Drop me a line if you come across this post.

  29. kozyra Says:

    Enjoy reading your blog. Do you live in the USA?

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