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A Tribute To My School – Ameeta Rebelo Monteiro – Class of 1978

Ameeta MonteiroHello!

Let me begin by congratulating the organizing committee and the Web Master, Clara for making this celebration a reality and for helping us, the ex-students of this prestigious school, re-connect old friendships.

This is so exciting…the pictures took me down memory lane and brought back wonderful memories of school days. Spotted lots of familiar faces and was pleasantly surprised that I could remember most of my classmates.

I was saddened to hear about Mrs Gupta’s passing. Still have a vivid picture of her gentle smile and kind spirit. Sir Menon, Mrs. Singh, Ms Zelia…were instrumental in me choosing the teaching profession.

Here are some of my most nostalgic/naughtiest memories at St Therese’s.

Going to school was definitely something I looked forward to every morning. Was it the awesome teachers, friends, or maybe even the vendors selling those samosas, guavas and borams?? I would say all of the above!!

I have fond memories of our girl guide days. I remember the year that I was the patrol leader and we had a cooking competition. My group decided to make a caramel pudding. The recipe seemed pretty simple and I felt quite confident.

On the day of the competition we followed the recipe (At least we thought we did!) and when we started cleaning up we realized that we had forgotten to add the eggs!! We panicked, quickly mixed the eggs in the milk and sugar and hoped for the best. When it was cooked none of us felt confident to turn the pudding over. I remember Miss Zelia, encouraging us and guiding us. We were all smiles
when it turned out just beautifully and ended up winning the first prize!

The camps at Chandor too bring back fond memories. The excitement to plan everything from shopping for groceries to sewing sheets together to make tents!

Once a month, I remember the whole school had to go to the chapel to practice singing hymns for the last hour. My friends and I very often hid in the bathrooms and then snuck out to my house since I lived just around the corner. Now when I think back it was quite a penance to hang out in the bathrooms. The smell of ammonia could make one pass out!!

I have settled in Canada and have two daughters. I would have loved to be part of this celebration, but unfortunately can’t. All you dear classmates, I would love to hear from you. Wouldn’t it be great to plan a reunion of our own?? I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada) and am an elementary school teacher. (Loving it!!)

My e-mail is

To our Alma Mater…CONGRATULATIONS!! You were the best school!


5 Responses to “A Tribute To My School – Ameeta Rebelo Monteiro – Class of 1978”

  1. Bolivario Lobo Says:

    Hello Ameeta,

    I do not know if you remember me I was your neighbour when you used to stay at the MPT quaters ( Major Bunder}. Your brother Gerson used to call me Amigo!! and I was previledged to have your Mama ( Dona Angela) as my respected Teacher when I was studying in Municipal High School before I joined St. Therese in 1967. I was also previledged to get a lift in your Papa’s Wolks Wagon car along with you all when the school was shifted to Mangor Hill. I also do remember your Papa for being a very generous and loving person. I always remember Gerson’s Birthday 7th October. Can you please give me Gerson’s contact if you do not mind. I wish to say hello to him also. I am married and have two grown up children a son and a daughter. I am presently working with Sesa Goa on the Iron Ore mines and look after the Quality Control. I am setteled at Curchorem. Goa.

  2. Joe de Abreu Says:

    Hi Ameeta,

    I was hoping you would be able to make it for the celebrations.

    Referring back to the caramel pudding incident, let me bring out the correct facts. Although your group won the first prize, the scouts(the 6 boys) had finished preparing the caramel custard first. The reason was that few of us had bottles of kerosene in our pockets. We had the wood fire ready before we could even mix the eggs. I guess someone forgot to add the sugar (I am not going to name the person – he thought it was better enjoying the plain sugar rather than wasting it in the caramel).

    All the same it was the scouts who had the largest helping of the best/ winning caramel. Now, don’t you’ll go complaining to Miss Zelia and Sir Francis!!

    Take care/joe de abreu.

  3. Ameeta Rebelo Monteiro Says:

    Hello Amigo,
    Yes, I do remember you… Have fond memories of climbing all those steps to come to your house!! Thanks for your kind words about my Mama and Papa. They were both very special. Gerson lives in our Mangor house with his family and the telephone # is 2512526. I am sure he’d be happy to hear from you.

    How old are your children? My husband, Diego and I have two daughters .. 15 and 11. Life has been good. We are planning a trip to Goa this coming July. Came down a lot more frequently when Mama and Papa were alive. Don’t feel as inclined anymore.
    Take care.. Nice to hear from you.

  4. Ameeta Rebelo Monteiro Says:

    Hi Joe,
    Good to hear from you. We have to try and organise a class re-union. Since you are based in Goa, try and get the ball rolling!! Maybe Zia and Andrea could help out. I am planning to come down in July. Maybe we can all enjoy some caramel pudding made by you guys!!!
    Take care

  5. Bolivario Lobo Says:

    Hello Ameeta,

    Thanks for your kind response. I am thrilled that you still call me Amigo. My wife’s name is Angela used to work as a Nurse in GMC but gave up her job to look after the children after my daughter was born. My son Benton is 27 years old and is an Environment Engineer Presently working on Carnival Cruise Lines and sailing around Mexico,The Carribean Island and Miami. My daughter Anisha is 24 years old a Software Engineer and working with Intel India at Bangalore.

    Thank you for giving me Gerson’s contact I will now get in touch with him.

    Warm regards,


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