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Fond Memories – by Rahila (Suvarna) Kaup – Class of 1979

Rahila (Suvarna) KaupHi Friends:

50th year Anniversary greetings from Rahila (Suvarna) Kaup from the Batch of 1979.

Viewing the website and photographs made me feel nostalgic. Was amazing how many faces I could identify. Pramila, Lalita, Annette, Chandralekha, Rati, Nancy, Rachna, Supriya, Joyce, Judy, Ana Fernandes, Casia Paes, Mario Leitao, Amaro, Gauri Amonkar, Inacio, Rocky : wherever you are in the world, would definitely like to get in touch with you all.

The website helped me get in touch with two of my classmates: Ana Karina and Mita Dey with whom I had a long chat. Marian has been the only one from my class with who I’ve been in touch all these years. Looking forward to keeping in touch with the others as well through my e-mail:

Congratulations to St Therese’s on their 50th Anniversary and kudos to the organizers who have worked zealously to bring the alumni of St Therese’s together. It has been a great institution with dedicated teachers like Mrs Seshadri, late Mrs Gupta, Mrs Singh, Sir Menon, Sir Francis, Zelia, Flavia, Cidalia, Vicky D’Lima, Sr Gemma, Sr Pauline and the others who can never be forgotten.

I now live in Toronto, Canada with my husband, my 15 year old son and 9 year old daughter. Much as I would like to, I will not be able to attend the celebrations in Goa but my thoughts and good wishes will remain with the alumni of St Therese’s always. My sister, Jeethi Suvarna will be there on the 28th of Dec so I’m hoping she’ll be able to meet some of my classmates as well.

Best Wishes,
Rahila (Suvarna) Kaup

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  1. arvind korgaonker Says:

    hi 1979 batchmate forgot????????????????

  2. Rahila (Suvarna) Kaup Says:

    Hey Arvind:

    How can I forget you. Didn’t mention yr name as I get information abt you thru Mita. Remember how we used to fight over those silly stickers we would stick on our tin schoolbags? Those days we only carried tin bags not the fancy ones we get nowadays.


  3. Joyce Vaz (Nunes) Says:

    Hi Rahila,
    Great to hear from you. Thanks for getting back to me. I will email you shortly.
    Thought of dropping a few lines on your site in case you have not read the other messages. Would love to get in touch with all my classmates. Pity we are going to miss the grand reunion.
    Joyce Vaz(Nunes)

  4. Sapna Sardessai Says:

    hey rahila… u have a sis called jeethi rite… u guys r karnanis? my name, as u might remember it is sabina navelkar… we lived in the same building remember? kiran and shubha are my cousins. i have a lot of pix of u guys… of a warm childhood spent together. i hope u are the same rahila… but then there cant be too many rahilas that fit your description… or can there?

  5. sapna sardessai Says:

    oops sorry. i think the surname is suvarna? karnanis pbly stayed in the bldg during the same period… u might rmbr them too?

  6. Rahila (Suvarna) Kaup Says:

    Hi Sapna:

    Of course I remember u. You were much younger & would always tag along with Kiran & Shubha. Are u still in Vasco? Jeethi will be attending the school function in Goa & will be visitng Kiran. Would be nice to keep in touch with you through my hotmail account which is up on the blog.
    Take care. Regards to your parents.

  7. Roque (Rocky) Fernandes Says:

    Hey! Hey! Rahila: It is just wonderful to be connecting after all these years. I did hear from Jeethi, that too on my Bday, that was very sweet. I hope all is well with you. Mario Leitao did say that you were trying to get in touch, before I read the Blog. I have been touch with a few pals, as I make it a point to visit with Rosy Dourado, Sheila Furtado, Mario and Kevin Saldanha. I am in San Fran, have been here for the last 20 years, graduated form University of Glasgow, Scotland with B.Eng in Mechanical before I made Bay Area my home. We are literally a short flight away, atleast short compared to flying 24+ hours to Goa. I remember vividly the Tempo rides to and fro from School and waving to you everytime I rode pass your Bldg. I see your shot in the ski clothes, well!! we are just 3 hours away from snowy Sierra’s, so lets make it a point to hook up in the West Coast this coming year. I am really enthused as my ticket just got confirmed, sorry you couldn’t make it, we’ll raise a glass for you. Stay in touch.
    A Big Bear Hug!

  8. Rahila (Suvarna) Kaup Says:

    Hi Rocky:
    What a surprise to hear from you after so many years. Jeethi had mentioned that she got in touch with you. We were quite impressed when we heard that you always make it a point to keep in touch with all your school friends when you visit Goa. How I wish I could be there for the celebrations.I’m wondering whether Jeethi will ever be able to recognize you. How about putting your photograph up on the blog? Well, you guys have fun & send me some pictures.
    Take care.

  9. Rachna Babel Says:

    Hi Rahila
    What’s up? Felt so nostalgic reading your post. Gosh, it’s been so many years!!! Nancy, Rati, Supria and me are still close pals. Whenever I see the old photographs I remember you all fondly. I’d love to turn back the clock and be a schoolgirl once again. I did meet Victoria, Mita and Rocky’s Mom on my trip to Goa. Won’t be coming for the reunion. It’s really sad but my spirit will be there. I hope Nancy and the rest hiccup the loudest while they raise the toast. It’ll be me remembering all of you.
    Keep in touch

  10. Rahila (Suvarna) Kaup Says:

    Hi Rachna:

    So good to hear from you. Are you in Mumbai or Goa? I remember how both of us being the tallest in class would be put last in line with the older girls & how we hated it. Would love to get in touch with you all. Please e-mail me on
    I won’t be able to attend the function, but my sister is. Hopefully she’ll be able to meet a lot of my classmates. Convey my regards to Nancy, Rati & Supria.
    Take care

  11. marian coutinho conceicao Says:

    Hi Rahila,
    Sorry for the delay in writing to you. Have been really bogged down with work.Hey, I am going to Goa for the anniv. celebrations.Just thought I must be there,will never get a chance to meet so many school and classmates.Kids and myself are leaving on 23rd night to Mumbai and then on 24th morning to Goa. Will return to AbuDhabi on 1st night. Really looking forward to the mega event. Will catch up with Jeethi.Wish you were there too. Will go to Mumbai agin in July/august. Hope you will come down also.
    Bye, take care, do keep in touch

  12. judy carvalho Says:

    Hi Rahila,
    Had emailed you twice, once after Anakarina had given me your address and onein reply to yours. Well would like to keep in touch. BTW you look great would’nt recognise you if I meet you on some street somewhere.

  13. Rahila Says:

    Hi Judy:

    Good to hear from you. Haven’t received any of your e-mails & was wondering what was wrong. Glad you wrote on the blog. Shall e-mail you again & we’ll catch up from there.

  14. Cassia Paes Says:

    Hi Rahila,
    It’s really Great that finally i have managed to write to you. So you have not forgotten to recognise me. But you do look a lot different. Marian & I are in touch with each other & she had given me your email address to correspond with you but I just kept on postponing it.
    Now as I went thro’ so many of the mails written to you, a wave of beautiful memories flashed by & I could’nt help but join in. Tell me more about yourself & what are you doing. Marian sent me the group photographs & as well as the one taken separately of Marian & me. I met Rocky too. He looks a lot different. i would’ nt have recognised him if he had not to introduce himself. All others look the same. Do send me the emails of the rest of our friends. May be we all can get together one day, before we are really too old to walk by ourselves.
    bye for now,

  15. Cassia Paes Says:

    Hi Rahila,
    It’s really great to get in touch with you, after all these years. Marian has been in touch with me & she had given me your email address but somehow just kept postponing writing to you. But now as I visited the blog , I could’nt help but write to you. Yes ,there are so many fond memories of our school days. I did go for the golden jubilee celebrations though for a short while but , it was like falling in love all over again with my school, & my heart started singing when i met so many of my classmates & friends. Missed most of them cos I came in early & left early,as I had a family function to attend. We should one make it a point to meet all over again, venue: our school— for Old times sake, before it is a too late. don’t you think so?

    byefor now,

  16. judy carvalho Says:

    Hi Cassia,
    When I looked at our class photogragh, i looked hard for you and wondered if you had changed so much I could’nt recognise you. The last time I saw you in Panjim with your husband and kids you looked the same like in school. I was extremely sad I could’nt make it for the celebration, I hope there will be another chance maybe 2010. I recognised some classmates but still not sure of a few. When I go down to Goa I always enquire about you Vanessa lives next door to mum.Keep in touch.

  17. Perviz De Souza Says:

    Hello there! Somehow, I missed the bus! Can’t blam anyone though, as I have been out of touch with most and can hardly remember when I last met some of my classmates.
    I am now in Abu Dhabi – an Art Director – and have never really regretted moving into advertising after my stint in journalism. Life is not really all that exciting in these ‘dry’ parts – but we do manage to have fun sometimes.
    It’s been a very slow day at work… was checking my mails and found this one that promises a website that may have your class photograph… the picture is a group of chimps – and I think we were not far from that! This prompted me to google St. Thereses and here I am.
    It’s a great feeling to remember all you guys – see pictures – and reminiscence. I still recall dear Mrs. Gupta, Mrs Singh (I could pass any of her Hindi tests now!), Cidalia, Flavia, Zelia,Vicky, Francis the nuns especially Sr. Loyola with her harmonica, tough Sr. Michael, Sr. Pauline, Sr. Gemma… that was some school.
    I did take my kids (Diogene is 13 and Nyleptha 12)to see the school some years ago.. but never really met anyone!
    Would have loved to be a part of the celebrations and meet up – Abu Dhabi is not really that far in comparision… anyways!
    Shall be in touch – but before that – let me do the acid test – shal try and remember all the names in our class – was it 41 or 42???

  18. Rahila Says:

    Hi Cassia:

    Couldn’t recognise you in the photograph at the church. AnaKarina & I went through all the photographs while we were chatting on the phone & it was she who had to tell me who’s who. Marian too had to send me an e-mail with the names of all our classmates in the class photograph she sent me.

    Have sent you an e-mail on your personal ID. Would love to keep in touch with you.


  19. Rahila Says:

    Hi Perviz:

    Nice to hear from you. How long have you been in Abu Dhabi? It’s a beautiful place as compared to Dubai. Have been there once. I lived in Muscat for 5 yrs before moving to Canada & found Muscat quite slow paced as compared to Abu Dhabi.

    Marian too is in Abu Dhabi. Shall try & meet you guys on my next trip to the Gulf. Keep in touch over the e-mail if time permits.


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