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Cherished Memories – Elaine Toscano Peterson – Class of 1990

David & Elaine PetersonCongratulations St. Therese’s High School on your 50th anniversary! Congratulations to the staff and students, past and present who have contributed to this success.

My memories of schooling at this great institution are many. My sisters, Carol (class of 1983), Deborah (class of 1986) and myself (class of 1989-90) all studied under the able leadership of Sr. Elvira and watchful guidance of Mrs. Gupta, Ms. Zelia, Ms. Flavia, Mrs. Singh and Mrs. Bijou to name just a few of the teachers.

Every morning I would board the Gay Kindergarten school bus and arrive at the school ground in time for the morning assembly. A few classes and then it would be time for recess and tiffin and a chance to mingle with all my classmates. My older sisters being in the same school would come check on me during this time while I was in the lower grades and this would embarrass me to no end.

In the 9th standard, I was elected Captain of the Red House and still remember the pride with which I would wear my sash. Being elected school leader in the 10th standard is still a matter of honor and I will never forget it.

PE days were always fun because we got to wear the colored divided skirts (although polishing the white shoes the night before was not a task I enjoyed and tried to get away by rubbing white chalk over the stains!)

The annual picnic was something to look forward to with visits to various beaches or Bondla Zoo. The excitement would begin almost a week before with a lot of attention being paid to what mum would make for the picnic lunch. The ride in the bus to the picnic spot was a noisy one with lots of songs being sung along the way. The journey back was a lot quieter, everyone tired out by the day’s activities.

The annual sports day was a grand event with Mrs. Rosalia in charge of getting everything organised. She always came up with new and innovative programs and hot afternoons practicing the drills paid off when parents applauded every event at the function.

Another strong memory is that of the retreats at Palotti Home and Old Goa. These helped us strengthen our faith while giving us a chance to bond with our classmates. This was our only “sleepover” party those days!!

On this 50th aniversary, I would like to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to all the staff who have played a role in my development. My successful career, marriage and family stem from the good values and education received at St. Therese’s. I wish this institution the very best and hope to see it flourish for many more years to come.


15 Responses to “Cherished Memories – Elaine Toscano Peterson – Class of 1990”

  1. Jennifer Rodrigues Says:

    Hi Elaine,
    I am Jennifer passed out of St. Theresa’s High School in 1987.. I think I know your sister Debbie.. She was in Dubai right???

  2. Chitra Rao Says:

    Hi Elaine,

    I was in the same class as your sister Debbie and rode the “Gay Kindergarten” Bus to school from the Baina stop- opposite the MPT Flats. Could you please pass on the contact details of your sister so I could catch up with her after all these years.

    Chitra Venkatakrishnan(Nee Rao)
    Class of 1986

  3. Elaine Toscano Peterson Says:

    Hi Chitra,

    Yes, I do remember you…Debbie’s email add is

  4. Elaine Toscano Peterson Says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Yes, Debbie is in Dubai. Her email is

  5. ranjitha menon Says:

    hi elaine, so happy to see u after so long. u ve changed a lot. remember me!! hope u do and can keep in touch. school site brought all memories back. do keep in mail id is

  6. ranjitha menon Says:

    by the way where are u now?

  7. Elaine Says:


    I do remember you…how nice to get in touch with you again. Are you in touch with any one else in our class?

    I live in Canada now and unfortunately will not be able to make it to Goa for the celebrations. What about you? My email is Drop me a line when you can.

  8. Sadhana Says:

    Hello Elaine,
    I am Sadhana, classmate of your sister Carol, she will surely remember me. Where is she now? I remember last meeting her at the MPT quarters near Baina, where I used to visit my sister.
    I live in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.
    Do give her my regards, and give me her email ID.

  9. Elaine Toscano Peterson Says:

    Hi Sadhana,

    Carol is in Goa and her email is Carol Fernandes , I’m sure she will be happy to hear from you!

  10. Elaine Toscano Peterson Says:

  11. Savita Says:

    Hi Elaine
    How are you doing?I’m so looking forward to the 28th. i saw the list of names and i hope i will meet some of them. Too bad you wont be in Goa at the time but pls do keep in touch and lets meet up when u r here next ok. (

  12. Marlene Says:

    HI ELAINE!!!
    This is Marlene!!!!How r u ? I 2 could not attend the jubilee & actually logged on much later.u look great! R u still in touch with Sharrel? Have a 2 yr old son aho can be a brat at times.Wl try n mail u .Tk care n best wishes 4 d new year.

  13. Elaine Says:

    Hi Marlene!!!!!

    Great to get back in touch with u! Hope u had a great christmas and all the best in 2009.

    Do email me when u get a

  14. Elaine Says:


    Send me your email address

  15. Ashlesha Says:

    Hi Elaine,

    Remember me?? Didn’t recognize you for a min 🙂 logged on this site too late, almost a year (sigh) school does bring back old memories

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