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Nostalgic Reminiscences – by Ambadas Sawardekar – Class of 1975

Ambadas SawardekarAn alliance of thousand and odd days is enough to be nostalgic, as you reminiscence those old days at my school, St. Therese’s High School, Vasco da Gama, Goa. Wow! And my school is celebrating its Golden Jubilee. What a feeling! Seasons, some tiring ones, have rolled to the dictate of the successful management of the institute, who left no stone unturned to mould the future progressive citizens of our great country. Today, Doctors, lawyers, engineers, bureaucrats, you name them; bow their heads to their alma mater.

Musing over, I remember the class of 40 students with pretty faces of Geeta, Sonia, Shobha, Seema, Honorina, Olivia, Aruna, Brinda, Ann, Cynthia, Valerie, Franscesca, Alice, Madhu, Carmita. Zooming over, the figures of Mauvin Godinho, Malcolm Godinho, Anthony D’Souza, Julio Fds- Joker of our class, Lloyd D’Souza, Maurice Colaco, Andrew D’Cunha, Augusto Negredo, Deepak Shah, Ravi, Fausto Vaz, Jaywant Chowgule dominates the scenario. The not so but honorable dozen were up to lots of action.

Thanks to the gigantic personality, Sr. Michael, the then principal, who tolerated fun, but within limits. Otherwise poor Ms Sunita Tole- our Bio teacher would have been more emotional with our chemistry experimentations outside our academic preview.

With the vehicle in top gear, the country road leading to the city was superb with useful signpost all the way. Our exciting and successful exploration had signage by way of Ms Seshadri, Ms Gupta (she’s no more today), Mr Menon, Ms Flavia Rodriques, Ms Shivapuri, and of course our class teacher, Ms D’Cunha, most memorable of all. I remember Sr. Loyola, a smiling angel who in her spare moments played piano for the little ones, repent for not being that small and our office clerk Ms. Electra Lobo (now Rebello), who was most cooperative of all.

The sensuous tickling bone reminds me of the cycle polo, played on the cemented floor of the school building when called for Sunday extra classes. Scouts and Guides’ camps were the spice of activity. Night patrols – scary trails, cooking – calamari special and treasure hunts in surrounding villages was creative fun. Sleeping in canoe huts at Cansaulim beach was added bonus.

Today these vivid memories are replaced with mechanized trawlers.
Wow! The academics were a conglomerate of instruction and excitement.

Surely, given a choice of rebirth, I would definitely prefer to be a student of St. Therese’s High School lingering with the old folks: young and old, brainy and not so clever, naughty yet full of life, pretty and the handsome, so on. The photographs rewind those sweet memories – each face telling its own lovely legend. It is a memorable pleasure to share my thoughts with all those who were associated with the school and I am grateful to Clara, though a junior to me, to facilitate sharing of pleasant recollections.

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All the best,

Ambadas Sawardekar.

4 Responses to “Nostalgic Reminiscences – by Ambadas Sawardekar – Class of 1975”

  1. Honorine Sequeira Says:

    Hi Ambadas,

    Great to read your interesting blog. Brought back lots of memories. Believe me if I hadn’t to see your snap I would never have recognized you. Its nice to know that you will be attending the grand event. So far I see only you and Valerie from our batch will be attending it. How I wish I too could be there, I am trying. Anyway I am hoping for the best and hoping that more of our classmates can make it. Please do write when you have the time. You know my email address :


  2. ambadas Says:

    Hi Honorina
    Wht a gr8 feeling to hear from u
    actually we had communicated thru some school site, i forgot the name
    Hows life,
    wish all of us meet during this grand event to make it more lively
    I wonder ver s Sr Michael and Sr Loyola
    do keep in touch
    my email
    hope to c u den on the compound walls of St Therese’s (LOL)

  3. sunny kurian Says:

    Dear Amba,
    You may or may not remember me but in that Class of 40 thieves plz add Sunny, Gerson Rebello and Arunima Lahiri!
    Good to see you photo though I would never have recognised you.Your mail brought back lots of fond memories,buried deep down the memory lane.
    Plz connect when you get time and lets see how many of our old friends we can muster together.
    Dr Sunny Kurian.

  4. Shubha Angle Shirodker Says:

    Hi Amba

    Guess it’s okay to call you by your school name.

    Rarely surf, but today I decided to google for a St Theresa classmate because her birthday was yesterday. And I find Honorina and you. And cannot miss Sunny. What a pleasant surprise.

    Our batch of ’75 was truly a wonderful and unique group. Lots of nice memories. And the best one is that we all graduated – our class got 100% success at S.S.C that year. We really pulled each other through all the subjects.

    Our teachers Seshadri, Gupta, Reyna, Helga, Menon, Shivapuri, …. and many more, were all par excellence. I think we were blessed to have them. Sr. Michael and Sr. Loyola were memorable in their own way.

    Your detailed blog helped paint vivid pictures of what it was like.



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