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Sweet Memories – Maria Linda Paes De Quadros (Teacher)

Maria Linda Paes De QuadrosSweet are the memories of the days in St. Teresa’s School as a Teacher. I was there till 1962 till I married. Sr. Aloysius, Sr. Crain, Philomena and Myrna, sang with their melodious voices in the choir for my nuptials. When Sr. Aloysious was leaving the school, she presented me with a beautiful Sandalwood jewelery box, which is still one of my prized possessions. I was closely associated with the school during the early days in Vaddem from 1958 to 1962 in the Old school building. I am till this day recognized as one of the pioneers of St. Teresa’s school, being one of the first teachers. My daughter Vania studied in St. Teresa’s School from 1976 to 1986. She always had the ambition to excel in school and in 1986, she stood First in the School and in Vasco at the SSC Examinations. She went on to graduate in medicine but most unfortunately we lost her in a road accident in 1993.

I am attaching some photos:
Photograph of Sr. Aloysius, Sr. Crain, Philomena and Myrna, singing at the choir for my nuptials in 1962.
Two Class Photographs of my daughter’s classes VIII and IX. Also seen in one photo is Mrs. Gupta as Class Teacher.
Photograph of Vania receiving a Shield for General proficiency from Ranjana Salgaocar. Also seen is Sr. Elvira.

-Maria Linda Paes De Quadros

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  1. Chitra Rao Says:

    Dear Mrs De Quadros,

    I was your daughter Vania’s classmate for four years 1982-86. I have fond memories of her and was very saddened to know of her demise. She was great fun to be with, had a wild sense of humor and was without doubt an excellent student. After leaving St.Theresas, I moved out of Vasco but stayed in touch with Vania for a couple of years after that- in fact even when she was in medical school. I have visited your house a few times – near the movie theatre. I will always cherish the time that I spent with your daughter. She was one of my best friends in school.

    Chitra Rao

  2. Priya Says:

    Dear A.Linda,
    I was happy to see a familiar face on the blog.
    I am Priya the second of the four Correia Afonso girls.
    I remember Vania & Reuben and all the happy times we had in Vasco.
    I did not know that you had taught in our school as we joined only in 1975.
    We hope to make it to the jubilee celebrations and to see you there along with many familiar faces we havent seen in years!

  3. vidya panicker Says:

    Hello Ma’am,

    Vania was my classmate and friend for many years.She was brilliant at everything she did or learnt. I remember she was learning Bharatnatyam dance along with my sister Jayashree at Mr. Natrajan’s dance classes. We have all lost her but she was such a warm human being that just knowing her made one feel better and worth living. We finished school together but I continued my studies in the Commerce Stream at M.E.S.College. Hence we met irregularly. At that time I used to do Short talks for All India Radio. For the recordings I used to travel to Panjim and back. Invariably I used to meet her on my way back and we used to catch up with news. This went on and unfortunately the very next day of her demise , I had a recording at AIR , Panjim. I went for it but did not see Vania on my return . It is after I reached vasco that I got the news . I did not know how to react , I knew I would not be able to see her again in flesh. But her memories are with all of us. I have not done a single recording after that but if ever I go to Panjim and I have to take a bus back I think of Vania entering the bus and the surprise when she used to see me and ask “Another recording ? Wow, Vidya “

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