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Congratulations St. Therese’s by Gertrude McMahon (Teacher)

Gertrude McMahonDear Past and Present Presentation Sisters, Staff, Teachers, Pupils and Students at Therese’s High School – Vasco-da-Gama and the world over.

My nostalgic memories of St Therese’s at Vasco are and always will be topmost in my mind. Yes! Those were the good old days when conduct, discipline and attendance – besides an education – were instilled by this School on a 101% basis. And I’m happy to say that many of my old colleagues still agree with me.

However, let us not forget – our very many thanks – due to the hard work of our pioneering Sisters of the Irish Presentation Order – staff and teachers – our School (initially a Convent School) is what it is today. Those of you Sisters, teachers and students who started out at Vasco and are now scattered all over the Globe – will you be attending the Jubilee Celebrations? Hope and pray I meet up with quite a few of you at the venue. The same goes for my colleagues and pupils.

Incidentally the 21st of November is Presentation Feast Day celebrated by the school. “Happy Feast” to all – from and at St Therese’s from the McMahon family.

St. Therese’s has come a long way not forgetting the pupils and students too who gave it their all. May God Bless with health, strength and fortitude all those who carry on the good work – now and in the near and distant future.

Unfortunately, quite a few of our Sisters, staff, pupils and students are now no more. God rest their souls. Maybe an obituary column would help sing their praises.

WOW!!! Fifty years!!! A Golden Celebration and a chance to meet up with the old – and make new friends.

And what is it about friends and class mates of long ago? Time passes, things happen in our lives, and this once in a lifetime chance to meet up again for old times sake – just to reminisce about what we used to be and do and how far we’ve come. Going back isn’t always easy to do. Just remembering the past can sometimes be hurtful, sad or exhilarating. Thanks to our no-nonsense disciplinary but understanding teachers who had their hands full dealing with us and all our pranks – they were really our good friends.

The past at St. Therese’s has always been good. The present can only be encouraged by the good will of those in charge – together with pupils and students. And the future? I’m sure it will automatically be built on solid rock. As one of the old teachers I would request you all to strive hard and make St. Therese’s the best school ever – and be proud of it.

So go for it all of you at St Therese’s (Sisters, Staff, Teachers and Students) whilst remembering the poet (can’t recall his name at the moment) who wrote ‘footprints on the sands of time’ and ‘the grave is not your goal’. Just one more extract from the back of my mind – ‘Man is born with two ends, one to think with and the other to sit on’. His success depends on which end he uses the most!!

What more can I say? Just this – last but not least our very sincere congratulations St. Therese’s at having come so far – and a heartfelt prayer that you all go from strength to strength.

With much love and best wishes from Gertie McMahon and family.

8 Responses to “Congratulations St. Therese’s by Gertrude McMahon (Teacher)”

  1. Clara Says:

    Dear Mrs. McMahon,

    What a lovely write-up… the time I joined St. Therese’s in 1977,
    you had already left, but by all accounts you were a gracious and
    inspiring teacher – judging by your beautiful kids too, a great mother!

    Before I forget, belated birthday greetings for last weekend – you still look
    as young as ever! And thank you too for the Presentation Feast wishes.

    I enjoyed your beautiful quotes from Longfellow – every word rang true.

    St. Therese’s will always cherish the delightful contribution of the
    multi-faceted McMahon family and you in particular, Gertrude.


  2. Gertrude McMahon Says:

    Dear Clara,

    Thank you for your kind response – birthday wishes and praise.
    Do you really think that I qualify for the latter?
    It’s really good of you to think so.

    I’m very grateful to you and sincerely appreciate it.
    I just thank God for His guidance then and now.

    Unfortunately, I never had the chance to know you and am
    really looking forward to meeting you personally on Jubilee
    Day. Am also very happy to see that you are back to the
    grindstone again – after your surgery.

    More – when we meet.

    Take care, keep well and God bless.

    Gertie (McMahon -Mrs.)

    Gertrude McMahon

  3. Clara Says:

    Dear Gertie,

    A teacher occupies a very special place in our lives – without
    their love and nurturing guidance, society’s very fabric would fail.

    They follow in the footsteps of Himself…Jesus – The Great Teacher.

    I’m sure the thousands of students who passed through your hands in
    seventeen years at St. Therese’s will share my sentiments, and more.

    Thank you for being there for all of us.

    Warm regards,


  4. Eugene Lopes Machado Says:

    Dear Mrs. McMahon,

    There is no question or doubt that with you lots of us students learned a lot, not only academically but even in our daily personal lives. I for one always remember your strict stance as I was very close to your children, and it has helped us till this date. Thank you.

    we will never forget you and all our other teachers in our later years, who have blessed us with the character that we have built today. Like Clara says – they follow in the footsteps of Jesus Himself – The Great Teacher.

    Looking forward to meeting you, Lorraine, Romayne and Tony.

    Warm regards


  5. marian coutinho conceicao Says:

    Dear Mrs MacMohan,
    How are you ? I was you student in KG in 1968.
    I remember you as a very warm motherly figure, playing the harmonium and teaching us to sing. During the first few days at school(vaddem), I used to shout and howl to go back home , my poor dad had to remain outside. But thanks to you ,I slowly started settling down.
    I will be attending the function on 28th and am looking forward to meeting you. You also taught my sister Melissa.
    Iam a Dermatologist , specialized in Cosmetology and currently working in AbuDhabi ,UAE. I am married to Eugene Coutinho and have 2 daughters ,Audrey aged 15 and Vanessa aged 10 years.I thank you for being a guiding light at the start of my school life.I wish you good health and happiness.

  6. judy carvalho Says:

    Dear Mrs MacMohan,
    So glad to see your photograph,always wondered how you looked,and I must say pretty much the same as you taught me in 68’in lower KG. You were my very first teacher and have good memories of you and can still picture my class with you. Thanks for thinking me clever and giving me a double promotion to 1st std, I got to finish scool and college a bit earlier.
    Wishing you all the best and good health always.

  7. Gertrude McMahon Says:

    To my Ex-Pupils,Students, Colleagues,All their children whom I met and the rest.

    Dear All,
    Thank you all so much for re-introducing yourselves at the venue and the warm welcome and hugs I got from you all—and very much appreciated by me.

    My sincere apologies for this long—very long delay.
    I’ve been back in the U.K. for over a month now.Jet lag,grey skies,rain, heavy snow and ice and the extreme cold after the glorious warmth of India didn’t help at all—and I guess laziness and procrastination just took over.

    Yes! 33 years -plus-(since leaving Vasco) is a long time to catch up on within so short a time. Most names, together with faces from so long ago I had no difficulty remembering—but putting yor present day faces to those same names is still an enigma.So would you -please- (if you like) -Email me a short note and a picture of you and your family,(I’m sure most of you have one) so that I can really remember that day at the venue in detail.You all would be doing me a great and kind favour.Didn’t think of it on that day—just happy to be back with you all.Thanks once again for making my day.

    My Email address is —Even those of you who did not make it to the Jubilee, I’d like to hear from you too. I do promise to reply to you all.

    My long overdue thanks to you Electra, Cidalia,Eugene, Cedric, (to name a few) Organisers and all who were there for me on that day. Also, grateful thanks to Judy, Marian and Melissa,Eugene,and of course Clara for your lovely write-up on the “blog”. Myron too for the thoughtful words of gratitude.

    Till 2010 when I’m hoping to meet you all once again D.V.—Take care, keep well , best wishes and God Bless.

    Gertie McMahon (Mrs.)
    Gertrude McMahon

  8. Gertrude McMahon Says:

    Dear Sisters, Friends, Colleagues, Students and Pupils of St. Therese’s High School (Past and Present)– at Vasco and the World over.


    Best Wishes, God Bless and Love.

    From the McMahon Family.

    Gertrude McMahon

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