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Class of 1981 – By Elvin Godinho

Elvin GodinhoHello Friends,

I am Elvin Godinho and studied at St. Theresa’s during the period 1971-1981. The 1981 SSC batch must be still remembered for the phenomenal results of obtaining many top state ranks (1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, 11th …) by Lakshmi Kapoor, Neeta Kini, Sparsh Kapur, etc, etc. Click here. I am sure this amazing achievement of so many top state ranks in a single year would not have been surpassed again in the history of the school. As former students we can pay tribute and thank our beloved teachers during that period for the valuable efforts to make us the professionals that we are today.

It is really wonderful and nostalgic to view the old photographs images that bring back all the old schooling memories with my classmates, teachers, seniors, juniors and of course the school building, playground which is almost still the same as it was. Many of the faces from the 70’s batches are very familiar except that the names do not come to mind so easily after so many years. My brothers “Filandro Godinho” (School Leader-1974) (Page 1, Image 14/30, Back Row, 2nd from right) and “Malcolm Godinho” (Page 2, Image 24/30, 3rd Row, 3rd from right) also passed out from the school in 1975.

The photograph images available for my class are of the primary level. For a start, I will attempt to put some names to faces for my classmates. Many of the faces left school in the middle, so I am unable to recollect some names immediately but hope to do so soon. Please excuse my bad memory or eyesight for any errors or for the ones missed out (?). If anybody else does know the names for the remaining faces, please do add-on to the list below. Also, if anyone has our class photos of the secondary level or the 1981 SSC year, kindly do put it up on the website.

Page 1, Image # 25/30 : probably the 2nd Std.
Last row: Priya (2nd from left), Edberg (3rd from right)
Second last row: Kishore, (?), Alvito Rodrigues, Sandesh Kundaikar, Nilesh Salkar, Carmito Rebello, Rajan, Ashish Bandekar, Ranabir Gupta, Elvin Godinho, ? Singh.
First Row Sitting: Rajeshree Takkar(1st from left)
Second Row Sitting: (?), (?), (?), (?) Esther Rodrigues, Mrs D’Sousa (Teacher), Sandra (?), (?), (?), (?)
Cross Leg Row: (?), Kennedy Fernandes, Pierre Bonard, Sheikh Hassan, (?), Nitin Phadke, (?)
Page 2, Image # 17/30 : probably the 3rd Std.
Last row: Nilesh Salkar, Kirti Kumar, (?), (?), Ashish Bandekar, (?), Kishore, Danny Gomes, Elvin Godinho, (?)
Second last row: (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), Rajeshree Takkar, Sophie Dourado, Esther Rodrigues (?), Flavia Rodrigues, (?)
Middle Row: Lakshmi Kapoor (5th from right)
First Row Sitting: Neila Fernandes (2nd from left), Sudha Belgaukar (1st from right)
Cross Leg Row: Rajan, Kennedy Fernandes, (x), Sheikh Hassan, Pierre Bonard, Edwin Colaco, Nitin Phadke

I would be glad to receive responses & comments from my former classmates, teachers & seniors & juniors when they read this message or please reply at my below email address. I look forward to meeting many of you at our school on 28 December 2008.

I also take this opportunity to convey my best wishes to the organizing committee for their efforts to make this event of the Golden Jubliee 50 years celebration a very BIG SUCCESS.

Take care & Warm Regards to all,
Elvin Godinho

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