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St. Therese's High School

Clara RodriguesWelcome to the blog of the St. Therese’s Golden Jubilee Celebration 2008!

We hope to make this the biggest ever school celebration in Goa!! Ever. Besides the other events – the concerts, dramas, competitions, felicitations – this has to be the grandest Reunion ever – 50 years of students…..and teachers!!

And you know what?

This is your s-p-a-c-e !!!

Write in/blog here to your heart’s content – school stories, romances, playing truant, playing the fool, exam blues, classroom pranks, science experiments gone wrong, gym disasters, teacher torture, canteen crapola, picnics, parties, retreats, outings, curfews, parental hassles…..oh gosh, write whatever you want!!
OK, St. Therese’s never had a real canteen – just lovely Mrs. L.O. Dias and her sweet samosas and chirmullem laddoos – we survived break-times (recess!) just outside the school-gates solely on those mouth-watering crisp mutton samosas (oily but oh so tasty!), from the dabbawala with the Marie-biscuit tin on his bicycle, and the “ice-crut” sellers with their mult-hued tubes and milky kulfis. And don’t even mention those heavenly astringent ‘borams’ and chilli-powder mangoes!

And of course, we never had a real gym, or serious playground (and the only pool we dreamt about was on Baywatch or the billiards hall!), but… know what I mean. Good ol’ unforgettable St. Therese’s and all those sweet Irish sisters!

And you know what??

Zillions of ex-Theresians around the world are logging in daily to lap up all your juicy stories – you better believe it!

log-in daily: see what fantastic treats we have in store for you!
blog-in daily: comment, see what’s happening, who’s coming and catch up with hundreds of classmates and ex-students from around the world!
We’ll have breaking news for you too……if you haven’t already heard ours, on…ahem CNN:)

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140 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Nitin Phadke Says:

    wishing all A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS


    1958-2008-I FILANDRO GODINHO-CLASS 1975 have just celebrated my 50th golden jubilee birthday,and i was overjoyed my almamater ” ST THERESAS HIGH SCHOOL Is also celebrating 50TH GOLDEN JUBILE YEAR-coming from africa in dec 1970-st theresa was the first choice for school-I IN STD VII & MY BROTHER MALCOLM IN ST VI-4 1|2 years of fun and studies,was what we all enjoyed,my memorable year 1974-ELECTED SCHOOL LEADER ,thanks largely to my fond classmates-(schoolmates too]-i pay my due respects to my teachers REENA DELANEY-HISTORY, HELGA SOUZA-FRENCH,SR LOYOLA- ENGLISH,MENON -SCIENCE,SHESHADARI-MATHS,SHIVPURI-HINDI,GUPTA-CIVICS,AND OTHER BEAUTIFUL TEACHERS.I THANK my school for what i am today,going down memory lane brings a touchy feeling of profound joy.i hope to live to see platinumm jubilee & century mf my dear almamater-ST THERESAS HIGH SCHOOL VASCO GOA-BEST WISHES TO ORGANISERS,STUDENTS,EX-STUDENTS TEACHERS,MANAGEMENT FO A GRAND SUCESS OF THE GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS.filgodinho@


    Hello Clara,
    Wish you all great success on the Big Day. I’d like to identify a few faces from pic 13 on page 1.
    Class of –
    Std –
    Squatting: x, Arundhati Mukerjea,xxxxxxxxxx
    Sitting: x,x,x, Pallavi Thakkar,x,Mrs.Gupta,xxxxxxx
    Standing 1st row: x,x,x,x,x,x, Natasha,x
    Standing 2nd row: x,x,x,x,Avinash,x,x,x,x,x, my brother Jairam
    Standing 3rd row: xxxx

    With fond remembrances,

  4. Beena Naik Says:

    Hi! this is to wish my school a great sucess on this GRRRREAT day.Memmories have come flooding…Remeber all my teachers-Sr.Fatima,Sr.Loyella,Sr.Menon,Mrs.Singh,Mrs.Celine…to name a few and of course all my ol’ friends-Gayatri,Annabel,Sparsh,Karuna,Flavia,Nita,Kalpana,Rana,Francis,Atul,Pierre,Kirti,Nitin,…and many many more… With fond thoughts,Beena

  5. Bolivario Lobo Says:

    Hi! Clara,
    Met Francis for a brief moment but was disappointed that I could not meet you in person to thank you for all the good work that you and Francis put in to make today a memorable day for us all. Hope and Pray that you get well soon and we get an opportunity to meet some day. Francis was great on the stage today. Thanks once again.


  6. Margaret Beck (Almeida) Says:

    Hi Clara,
    Missed you today………was such a pleasure to see Francis on stage…..and I echo Boli’s thoughts…..Thank you both ever so much.
    God Bless

  7. Valerie Vales Says:

    Kudos!!! to the organisation committee of the Golden Jubilee…. we truly enjoyed our self’s, the program was beautifully organised and the choir at the mass was also exceptionally good, we are already looking forward to the 75th anniversary 🙂
    Thank you,

    Class of 1999

  8. Suella Barreto Says:

    A big Congratulations to all of you involved in the organisation of Golden jubilee… It was a beautiful day where we got to refresh all our memories once again, meetin all our teachers, and our friends…. it was so gooooooooooood!!!! 3 cheers to the team involved …. Everything was good from the mass-the wonderful choir with Ms. Louella, who has such a beautiful voice… and all the students who really sang very well, to the programme which was well organised, and the lunch served which was also very gud!!! And not forgetting , the huge cake kept for our eating pleasure :-)heehee… Wow i really enjoyed like very bit of it!!!

    The school building… though changed alot now…. brought back oh o many memories!!!
    In particular, The Nano Nagle hall really brought back memories of all the events we used to have in the hall… being backstage when paricipating… or practicing for sports drills or watching annual day programmes, not forgetting our farewell day… where we mustve shed buckets of tears, etc. etc. 🙂 The list just goes on and on!

    I am so happy to have made it to the RE-UNION! 🙂
    It was a great day- A day to cherish!
    Looking forward to more of this kind!

    I thank all my teachers … all the sisters…. the organising committee… the students… and everyone else involved in making this day a memorable one for us!!!!

    Thank you and God bless!

    1999 Batch

  9. Tony McMahon Says:

    Dear Clara,
    At the outset thanks a million!!!! ZILLION!!!!! or is there any other figure higher than that!!!! for the dedicated efforts and work that you and your team put in to make the occassion A BIG SUCCESS. Speaking of Success – Yet it surely was a HUGE SUCCESS. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
    Every one of you contributed in your special way to make this big day happen for us.
    I really thought that I would meet you on the 28th. and was rather disappointed when you had not come. Francis was excellent on the mike. Hope to see you when you are down next.
    Thanks to Nicole also who I also did not see around there on the 28th.
    Thanks to Gustavo, Henriques, Cidalia, Baban, Eunice De Silva, and all those who gave such a lot of their time to organize the event.
    Here’s wishing all of you and your families a Bright & Prosperous NEW YEAR 2009.

    Love to all of you


  10. Roque (Rocky) Fernandes Says:

    Happy New Year! Clara and Francis:
    Mucho Gracias! for all your efforts, missed you, hope you are doing better. I was ecstatic to make it and inspite of a whirl wind trip was worth every bit. To meet up with class mates after 28 years was a feat in itself. Kudos! to the organising committee to pull off such a great event without having any precedence. Starting with the mass and to the end it happened so quickly as we were all having a great reunion, our class made it last till 11:30 PM by taking the party to Kiran Desai’s beautiful home and then moving on to Claude’s Bogmalo, which I thought was a prefect segway to a great day. Some of us just didn’t have enough, so we met again at Lapaz that next morning, also gave us a chance to meet up with Sheila Furtado(Miranda) who arrived form UK on the 29th.
    Sir Menon as usual was the star of the show, he was more like a “Rock Star” looking younger than ever, same commanding ans authoratative manner. So much to say… I will cut it short by thanking you and the rest of the Organising Committee for making happen this once in a life time event. Francis was great, looked awesome too.
    Missed you. stay in touch.

  11. shanti nair Says:

    Hi All,
    I am Shanti Nair and belonged to 1977 batch. Congratulations on 50th anniversary celebratios. I have not seen many from my batch in your blogs except for olivia and Gita who is my sister and she is responsible to connect me to this site also. I remember Mrs seshadiri and her math teaching. also remember Mrs Gupta and sad to hear of her untimely demise. Mr Menon, the true disciplinarian. I remeber dancing on the streets representing the school at carnival and Mr Menon taught the dance. I am a pediatrician in chicago, USA. I do come to india every 2 years and planning to visit goa the next time.
    Hope to hear from 1977 batcmates.
    shanti Nair

  12. Priya Says:

    Dear Clara,
    Thanks for all the trouble you took to get everything together.It was simply wonderful to meet all our old friends. Everyone was exactly the same, some like me ever so slightly enlarged versions of themselves!! An understatement as the years impress themselves upon our physical selves!!
    Four of us sisters attended the jubilee and were delighted to be rejoined with so many dear classmates! Lalita says we should have dressed in our school uniforms just for a lark!!Sorry to hear that you are unwell. All the best for 2009! Thanks once again.
    love Priya Correia Afonso Rau


    Hello Clara,
    Heard from my daughter, who attended on my behalf, that the function was a great success! To which e-mail id do I send you some snaps taken at the function? Really regret not having got to meet Francis after all these years!
    With love,

  14. Francis Says:

    Hi All,

    Still in golden Goa…..
    Back to the snowbanks next week!

    Clara’s just flown back to T.O. from L.A., will catch up with all
    your mail/pics, etc. this coming week. She was unable to make the
    long flight to India, due to a complicated Carpal Tunnel operation…
    I’m sure she’ll be there in 2010!

    Had a real blast with you guys – missed meeting whole bunches of you
    as was still onstage supervising class-photos, when most were leaving!
    Next time….

    Gayatri too – missed you – you must make it in 2010!


  15. Roque (Rocky) Fernandes Says:

    Hello! Francis,
    Glad to hear that Clara is back home, wish her speedy recovery.
    I would like to purchase your amazing Goan song book that you have recently written,Ha Ha! surprised? What a small world…I missed you by seconds at the Bishop’s Palace, I figured it must be a Canadian driving on the Right side?? of the street, (i.e. coming out of the Bishop’s House)I heard about your Safari Driving!!!. I had a quick glimpse of your work, picked it up by mistake thinking it was reading material on the Coffee Table, as His Grace was in the Garden, Br.Loyola was surprised at the coincidence and the fact that we were both Alumni. Good Stuff! Hope to have the Goan Institute (SF) place an order. Wish you all success in this endeavor.

  16. marian coutinho conceicao Says:

    Hi everyone,
    It was a pleasure meeting my old classmates and school mates on 28th dec. Rati, Supriya, Annette, Pramila,Cassia, Lalita, Mita, Joyce, Rohit, Mario,Chandralekha it was really nice meeting you all .Hope I havent left out anyone.I am really glad I made it to this great function. Many thanks to all the organisers and thankyou Clara for getting together this wonderful website.

  17. Vilhena De Souza e Ferreira Says:

    Hi Clara, Francis and each and everyone of you,
    It is with immense pleasure that I have to state how wonderful it was to meet so many lovely people who have not changed one bit. Everyone looked amazing and all geared up for the great day, shame it was so short and could not catch up with a lot of old friends. I know a lot of you may have felt the same as I do, so anyone wanting to keep in touch please feel free to do so. My email is
    Clara, you were missed but Francis did a great job. Dont know where he disappeared towards the end as I would have liked to have caught up too.
    Also all the time and effort put in by the organising committee is much appreciated and thanks to all who have made this occassion happen. It was worth every bit of trouble. Now looking forward to the 2010 reunion.

  18. Clara Says:

    Hi All,

    My apologies for an over-hectic Yuletide season that overran
    into the end of Jan – in the process, missed all the January
    birthdays sent here, for which please accept my “mille pardons”.

    Thank you all soooooooo much for all your kind words on the
    occasion of the successful Golden Jubilee – particularly Boli,
    Rocky, Margaret, Vilhena, Ermelinda, Gayatri, Valerie Vales,
    Tony Mac, Priya, Marian, Melissa, Melina, Suella, Sarah, Nitin,
    the Sisters, Beena, Shanti, Filandro, etc, the list is quite unending…..

    I’ve started uploading the hundreds of Jubilee pictures received,
    starting with the set sent in by St. Therese’s Sisters (over 200!),
    the captions will come in slowly. Will prob. be easier to set up
    Flickr albums for all of you, so if you have Jubilee pics you’d like
    to share with all of us, do send them to

    Belated Birthday greetings to all our ex-Theresians whose names
    were sent in below, and of course, have a great and fabulous year!

    January Birthdays:

    1 Jan: Shashikala Choraria (d).
    4 Jan: Anita Mehta.
    6 Jan: Dr. K.S. Menon (Sir Menon!)
    8 Jan: Sunil Rajani
    8 Jan: Rency
    10 Jan: C.V. George.
    11 Jan: Jacqueline Teles.
    12 Jan: Bindu Bellani.
    16 Jan: Rose Barbosa.
    16 Jan: Ruben Quadros.
    17 Jan: Lorraine D’Silva.
    18 Jan: Melissa Conceicao (Martins)
    18 Jan: Poornima Kini (Shenoy).
    19 Jan: Caroline Martins.
    24 Jan: Valerie Rodrigues.
    24 Jan: Mavis Henriques.
    26 Jan: Bridget Fernandes.
    26 Jan: Ligia Fernandes.
    26 Jan: Lavina Carvalho (?).
    26 Jan: Ximena Rodrigues (Teacher)


  19. Clara Says:

    Many Happy returns to Cedric (2 Feb), and Olivia (3 Feb) who
    managed to make it for the Jubilee, and may a thousand candles
    blow for all you Theresians celebrating your birthdays below:

    February Birthdays:

    1 Feb: Sesahayee (Mittu) Sridhara.
    2 Feb: Cedric Dias.
    3 Feb: Olivia Carvalho (D’Costa).
    4 Feb: Jyotsna Mascarenhas.
    6 Feb: Sunita Bellani.
    7 Feb: Cynthia Colaco.
    7 Feb: Yvonne D’Souza.
    9 Feb: Cidalia Almeida (Bodade)[Teacher]
    12 Feb: Livia (Dolly) D’Souza.
    13 Feb: Jaya Mehta.
    15 Feb: Mita Dey (Korgaonkar).
    15 Feb: Michelle Martins.
    16 Feb: Christopher Dourado.
    16 Feb: Ermelinda Almeida.
    18 Feb: Reema Dessai.
    21 Feb: Rita Dey (Pereira).
    23 Feb: Carmelino Machado (Sr.).
    24 Feb: Sujata Chopra.

    Warm regards,

  20. Jolyn Rodrigues Says:


    Just came across the site …It is amazing.

    It was a flash back to the old good memories.

    I passed out my standard X, in the year 1995.
    Could you please update my name in the class list.

    Keep up the good work!!!!

    Thank You.


    Jolyn Rodrigues
    Training & Development
    Consultant – HR

    Al – Futtaim Carillion (Dubai)
    Phone : 04 3331200
    Fax : 04 3331018

  21. Cedric Dias Says:

    Dear Clara,

    Sorry this is coming so late. Just wanted to thank you for all that you’ve done and to say that the Golden Jubilee Celebration was a grand affair that will surely be remembered for a long time to come. I also want to thank all the Organising Committee members who gave so much of their time to organise the function. It was great to meet up with old friends and foes and I wish we have some other similar function to attend in the near future too. Thanks once again and you have a great year ahead. God Bless.


  22. Gertrude McMahon Says:

    To my Ex-Pupils,Students, Colleagues,All their children whom I met and the rest.

    Dear All,
    Thank you all so much for re-introducing yourselves at the venue and the warm welcome and hugs I got from you all—and very much appreciated by me.

    My sincere apologies for this long—very long delay.
    I’ve been back in the U.K. for over a month now.Jet lag,grey skies,rain, heavy snow and ice and the extreme cold after the glorious warmth of India didn’t help at all—and I guess laziness and procrastination just took over.

    Yes! 33 years -plus-(since leaving Vasco) is a long time to catch up on within so short a time. Most names, together with faces from so long ago I had no difficulty remembering—but putting yor present day faces to those same names is still an enigma.So would you -please- (if you like) -Email me a short note and a picture of you and your family,(I’m sure most of you have one) so that I can really remember that day at the venue in detail.You all would be doing me a great and kind favour.Didn’t think of it on that day—just happy to be back with you all.Thanks once again for making my day.

    My Email address is —Even those of you who did not make it to the Jubilee, I’d like to hear from you too. I do promise to reply to you all.

    My long overdue thanks to you Electra, Cidalia,Eugene, Cedric, (to name a few) Organisers and all who were there for me on that day. Also, grateful thanks to Judy, Marian and Melissa,Eugene,and of course Clara for your lovely write-up on the “blog”. Myron too for the thoughtful words of gratitude.

    Till 2010 when I’m hoping to meet you all once again D.V.—Take care, keep well , best wishes and God Bless.

    Gertie McMahon (Mrs.)
    Gertrude McMahon

  23. Clara Says:

    Thanks, Cedric, Mrs. McMahon, et al.
    Your contribution was far greater, you know.

    Sorry haven’t been around…..

    March birthdays so far:

    5 Mar : Andrew Henriques
    7 Mar : Sushil Kumar Banthia
    8 Mar : AnaKarina Mascarenhas
    9 Mar : Ranabir Gupta
    11 Mar: Ranjana Mehta
    17 Mar: Anjali Jadhav
    19 Mar: Lorenzo (Loji) D’Silva
    21 Mar: Tania De Souza
    21 Mar: Anuradha Iyer
    22 Mar: Bernice Samuels
    23 Mar: Dipti Bellur
    24 Mar: Annette Furtado
    24 Mar: Khader Bi Hussain
    28 Mar: Xavier Godinho
    29 Mar: Ramkrishna Shanbhag

    Happy birthday folks!


  24. Iype (Ipee) Says:

    Hi Eddy,

    I am your classmate, and am married to your classmate Anindita
    (Bournvita – who challenged you for the post of School President).

    Buddy, would love to keep in touch. Am a Master Mariner, running
    my Consultancy in Shipping, and due work pressures, could not
    attend the function, even though Sudil Manerkar called me personally
    and reminded me.

    Kindly keep in touch, and we would love to be in touch with our ‘roots’


  25. Perviz De Souza Says:

    Hello there!

    Somehow, I missed the bus! Can’t blame anyone though, as I
    have been out of touch with most and can hardly remember
    when I last met some of my classmates.

    I am now in Abu Dhabi – an Art Director – and have never
    really regretted moving into advertising after my stint
    in journalism. Life is not really all that exciting in these
    ‘dry’ parts – but we do manage to have fun sometimes.

    It’s been a very slow day at work… was checking my mails
    and found this one that promises a website that may have
    your class photograph… the picture is a group of chimps –
    and I think we were not far from that! This prompted me
    to google St. Thereses and here I am.

    It’s a great feeling to remember all you guys – see pictures
    – and reminiscence. I still recall dear Mrs. Gupta, Mrs Singh
    (I could pass any of her Hindi tests now!), Cidalia, Flavia,
    Zelia,Vicky, Francis the nuns especially Sr. Loyola with her
    harmonica, tough Sr. Michael, Sr. Pauline, Sr. Gemma… that was
    some school. I did take my kids (Diogene is 13 and Nyleptha 12)
    to see the school some years ago.. but never really met anyone!

    Would have loved to be a part of the celebrations and meet up –
    Abu Dhabi is not really that far in comparision… anyways!

    Shall be in touch – but before that – let me do the acid test – shall
    try and remember all the names in our class – was it 41 or 42???

    Perviz De Souza

  26. Tony McMahon Says:

    Hi Clara,
    Just remembered that its St. Patrick’s Day March 17th. Would like to wish all associated with St. Theresa’s “HAPPY St. PATRICK’S DAY”. Its the feast day of our Irish nuns – the founders of our school.

  27. Clara Says:

    Thanks Tony!

    Remembered the wonderful Sisters again as all
    of downtown Toronto went green and gold today….

    North America has sizeable Irish communities
    and most pubs were filled with riotous punters
    dancing and singing in all manner of brogues, to
    go with the parades and marching bands outside!


  28. Beena Gupta(Bina Mital) Says:

    Beena Gupta Wishes to thank Authorities for creating A Wonderful Website of our School.It really revived old memories and given oppertunity to talk/get in touch with my old friends and Classmates of 1967 Class.


  29. Sadhana Chittor Says:

    Hello friends,
    This is Sadhana Chittor of the 1983 batch which also celebrated its silver jubilee in December 2008. I feel real bad I could not attend the function, I did see the photos of our batch (of those who attended). Now again after going through this page got some more email ids of old frinds who i shall surely contact.
    This is a real nice feeling that we will be in contact with old friends.
    I live in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, we have our own business. I have two kids one studying in the 12th and daughter in the 8th.
    hope to hear from more friends. My email ID

  30. Bolivario Lobo Says:

    Hi Francisco and Clara,
    Read the article Konkani Songs Codified on today’s Navhind Times and Recognised Francisco immediately on the photogragh.

    Congratulations!!! Francisco!! are you in Goa? Where can I get your Song Book? I would like to have one copy for my daughter who loves music.

    All the Very Best and please do keep in touch.

  31. Margaret Beck nee Almeida Says:

    Hi Iype,
    Saw your blog. Could you please send me Elizabeth’s contact at
    All the very best and hope to see you at the next function.
    Fond regards

  32. Bolivario Lobo Says:

    Hi Margaret,

    Did you get Elizabeth’s contact fro Iype? please forward it to me if you have. When is your next trip to Goa?



  33. Prasad Vadlamani Says:

    Excellent site.

    My three sisters and I studied here and I was able to recognize the photos of my classmates – class of 1974.

    Good luck.

    Prasad Vadlamani

  34. Vinod Puri Says:

    Hi…I was at St Theresas High School in the sixth standard from June 1964 to February 1965. Though I was there for a very brief period I have very fond memories of the place…it used to be next to rail line and we used to chase dragon flies in the adjacent playground. We had a class teacher named Miss Madeleine who I recall was very caring and a maths teacher whose name I think was Miss Rose.
    I remember we were only 4 or 5 boys with about 28 or 30 girls in the class. Clarence Quadros & Khimji Lalji Sethia are two boys I remember. Glynis and Margaret along with Celia and Lata Mittal (whose Dad I think was with Bank of Baroda) are the girls I remember. It was a wonderful time that I had there.. I met Margaret in Delhi about 10 years back and she told me about Glynis being a doctor in USA. I will be happy ( actually a lot more than happy) to hear from that class which must have passed the HSE in 1970.. I am now in New Delhi and have been here since 1988 before which I was in Cochin and some other palces… Good luck for now

  35. Vinod Puri Says:

    Hi!!!…..I can be contacted in Delhi on +91 9810107923 or on email at…Looking forward to hear from friends…
    GOOD LUCK………………

  36. Gertrude McMahon Says:

    Dear Sisters, Friends, Colleagues, Students and Pupils of St. Therese’s High School (Past and Present)– at Vasco and the World over.


    Best Wishes, God Bless and Love.

    From the McMahon Family.

    Gertrude McMahon





    OK BYE


  38. Nitin Phadke Says:

    are you really going to have a grand reunion in dec this year

  39. aileen Fernandes Camara Says:

    so happy to spot this sight.Remember some of my classmates- betty,sofia,deodita,nandita,sagarika,venita,anuradha,joy.Still remember travelling all the way from cansaulim and was one of the very first students from cansaulim passing out through this school.My sister audrey and cousins mayola and maria goretti studied in the same school.Must admit that i was not very good in studies,but the qualities of perseverance and hard work was instilled in my mind through some excellent teachers like ms.flavia,ms.ximena,ms zelia,ms singh,ms.gupta.I went on to do my post graduation in economics and psychology.i recently migrated to Australia with my husband and 3 sons and curently work in an australian child care centre.


    HI, cedric

    many happy returns of the day.



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