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Fond Memories, Best Regards: Ana Karina Mascarenhas-Class of 1979

Ana Karina MascarenhasDear Organizers,
I am very pleased that my school is going to celebrate its 50th Anniversary. Although, I would have loved to be there for every event, I am unable to do so, and will be there in spirit.

My husband and I however will be at the December 28th celebration. Please do not hesitate to let me know how we can be of assistance.

With the fondest memories and best regards,
Ana Karina Mascarenhas (Class of 1979)

Dr. Ana Karina Mascarenhas
Director, Division of Dental Public Health
Professor, Health Policy Health Services Research
Boston University School of Dental Medicine
Telephone: 617-638-4456

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    Hi,Anakarina do u rememeber me Mita. It is 29 yrs that we are out of school & yet it seems just yesterday.As part of the organising commitee i would like to tell u that we are in need of sponsorers for the 28th event like for the pandal,lights,chairs,videofilming etc. Hoping u will help us.Also u could send us some little matter for the souvenir. See u on the 28th Dec.Regards to all & take care.Bye for now.

  2. Kirt Sethia Says:

    Dear Anna,
    Nice to know you are around. I am Kirti Sethia whom you treated me sometime in 1990-91. I left for Mumbai since Aug.1992. Will try to make it for the 50 if schedules/work permits. How are you?
    Yes if required sponsors, please advise the costs so that I can get a bakra. Are we not enough bakras in ourselves over the years. Why look outside ourselves.
    I am available on my email and cell 98673 99778 at Mumbai.

  3. Ana Karina Says:

    Dear Mita,

    Great to hear from you. Have been traveling hence the delayed reply. I enjoyed my time so much at St. Therese’s that I’m considering petitioning the principal to grant me “Life Long” student status so that I can come back anytime.

    Happy to sponsor pandal/light/chairs etc, but recommend that a company/business sponsor these expenses. The Mascarenhas family’s preference is to provide seed money to start a St. Therese’s Scholarship Fund in the name of all our wonderful teachers and to recognize their dedication and contributions to molding us that so many on this blog have so eloquently articulated.

    Lets have this conversation off-blog. Please contact me directly at or 617 605 1755.

    Best regards

    Ana Karina

  4. Ana Karina Says:

    Hi Kirti,

    I do remember you. What are you upto in Bombay? I’m well, live in Boston, and looking forward to seeing everyone in December. Hope you will be there. Its nice to hear from my patients. Keep in touch.

    Ana Karina

  5. Hoinorina Sequeira Says:

    Dear Ana Karina

    It was great hearing from you and knowing that you come to Kuwait so often. I must say that this site has not only brought memories but has also brought us closer. Unfortunately, we are really sad that we will not be able to meet you this time too as we will be travelling to Europe during that time. But please do let us know the next time you come to Kuwait. Anyway you can contact me at Keep in touch.

    Regards to the family.


  6. judy carvalho Says:

    Hi AnnaKarina,
    Let’s forget dentistry for a change and remember those good ole Theresa days. I remember us sitting side by side in LKG on those colourful square desks and me struggling to write the number 8 and you just said put one ball on top of the other. Will try to be down in Dec.

  7. Ana Karina Says:

    Hi Judy,

    Seems like I had my calling to teach back in LKG. All these stories brings back great memories. How are you and Oscar doing? I had a long chat with Rahila this morning. It was fun, going back memory lane. I’m sending her your e-mail address if you dont mind. Do you still see my friends Kerry McGuire and her husband? They are still traveling to Zambia.

    Hoping to see you in December. Love to you all. Ana Karina

  8. Roque (Rocky) Fernandes Says:

    Hello! Doc:
    I can’t remember when I saw you last (20+ yrs), perhaps an evening out with the guys Kevin S./Mario L., yep!! not forgetting Tony M. Ha! Ha! drinks somwhere in Candolim or perhaps Joyets? Anyway! great to see you at “Top of The Mark” with the Prestigious Bostonian Uni., done our Alma Mater proud.
    I am on the West Coast (San Fran)running my own Co.
    It is utterly Nostalgic to even see chatter between classmates after all these years. Hello! Judy. Hello! Mita.
    look forward to seeing you in Mangor. Please forward your brother’s email to me, I have a small surprise for him.
    Roque (Rocky)

  9. Sandra Godinho Says:

    Hi Ana Karina,
    Sure you had a great time in Goa.Thrilled that you are doing so well on the dental front in the US too.Maybe not ST Therese’s but you were a great role model for many of us at Goa Dental school.Plan our next trip to Goa next december and it would be great to see you if you are down then.Regards to the family.

  10. Ana Karina Says:

    Hi Rocky,

    Finally saw your post. Those were the days……..It was good to see you and everyone else at the jubilee celebrations. Brought back lots of wonderful memories, and everyone is soooooo grown-up. Wished there was more time to catch-up. Lets keep in touch, since we are both here in the US. I do come to San Francisco on work, so will definitely visit. Maybe you’ll visit me in Boston.

    Hanosh’s e-mail is

    Hugs, Ana Karina

  11. Ana Karina Says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Lovely to hear from you. Missed you. Where have you been? are you still in London? Thanks for the compliment. Caught up with Vrida a little.

    Will be in Goa in December this year too. I usually get there around the 17th and leave Jan 4th. We are now in Aldona. E-mail me at and lets chat more. Want to hear everything you’ve been doing.

    Love and Hugs

    Ana Karina

  12. Cassia Paes Says:

    Hi Ana Karina,
    How are you? It was really nice to meet you after all these years. Well, after being abroad I was surprised that you are just the same except that you now have grown your hair. Just wrote to Rahila. Marian sent some of the photographs that were clicked on the 28th of December. I regretted not having stayed longer, but I had to leave as I had another function to attend.REMEMBERING YOU AS 8TH OF MARCH IS FAST APPROACHING!!!!!!!

  13. Bobby Mody Says:

    Hi Ana Karina

    This is Bobby Mody, I hope you remeber me. I used to live opposite your place in La Rose. I saw your post here and got excited. It’s been ages. How is Jostna? Does she still remember me. Where is she now?

  14. Bobby Mody Says:

    Sorry I had to use this blog to contact you. Do you have an email I can reply to mine is

  15. Lalita Says:

    Hi Ana Karina,
    Great to know you are doing so well.
    take care.

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