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Hi from Tony McMahon – Class of 1967

Tony McMahonHi there,

My name is Rohmer Anthony McMahon, known to everyone as Tony. Well it’s good to know that some one remembers us still – ha ha ha ! just joking – who would forget the McMahon’s from Vasco. I think we all were quite notorious and known by almost everyone in Vasco. I studied in St. Therese’s High School from the year it started till my passing my SSC in 1967. I remember the names of my class mates, they were Francisco Correa, Edgar Lobo, Anthony Vaz, Joseph Henriques, Maria Almeida, Juliet Gonsalves, the Concessao sisters from Desterro, Bina Mital, Maria Corvo, our brightest student of the class – Kiran Ranjit Singh, Theresa Pereira, oh ho can’t remember the rest of the names, its been a real long time back.

I am married and settled in Mumbai at Mahim, and have two boys. My mother was a teacher and taught the KG Class from the inception of the school till she left to settle in the UK, she had taught in the school when it was housed in Appu Poi’s building and even in Mangor. She was the Head Guide Mistress (or whatever it is called – she is in one of the photographs along with Mrs. Dias – Francisco’s Mother). I remember the first nuns, Sr. Karen, Sr. Patricia (later mother), Sr. Christine, and her sister (can’t remember her name), Sr. Bernadine, Mother Micheal, Mother Columba, then our teachers, Ms. Myrna D’Souza, Ms. Lorna D’Souza (staying opp. the Tourist Hotel, Vasco), Ms. Rosamma, Ms. Thangamma, Ms. Tessie, Sir Chandi who taught us physics and chemistry, Sir Dias who was our Scout Master. (41 years ago I left the school and these are all the names I remember)

The teachings of our teachers and they way they imbibed everything into us in those days, the way they taught us to speak, the way they presented the lessons to us and made us understand everything, the help and guidance they gave us when we were down, the time they spent with us as our extended parents – for all that they gave us and for what we are today – MY SPECIAL THANKS TO THEM ALL AND GOD BLESS THEM – TEACHERS THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I’m looking forward to meeting all who I can on the 28th of December.
My email is and I can be contacted for any help that you all require.
My Mobile No. 9320750184.

I would like to register for the celebrations and would like to be present with my wife and two sons.
By the way congrats and keep up the good work of bringing back those sweet memories.


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  1. Joreen Orchard Says:

    My name is Joreen Ann Orchard nee McMahon. I am now living in the UK and was surprised to hear that the school was celebrating 50 years. Yes it did bring back memories to the good old school days and was surprised to say that I still do recognise my class photos.

    On page 3 29/30, these are photos of our leavers ball of 1973.

    In the back row left to right: Edward Teigel,Roy Saldana,Anthony Gurjao,Errol McMahon,
    Sr Menon, Conrad Walker,Savio Messias,and George John
    Middle row: Ezilda Gomes,Avril DeSilva,Daisy Fernandes,Luiza Rodricks,Aninha Henriques,PhilomenaD’sousa,Sara—–,Silvia D’souza and JoannaFernandes
    Front row: Sis.Michael,Lira Rodriguese,Joreen McMahon, Mrs Gupta, Emerita Rosario, shenezKhan,Mrs Seshadri, Doris Fernandes,KalpanaKundaji,Estalastica Britto and Jacinta —–.

    30/30 Throwball team

    Doris Fernandes,Lira Rodriguese,Rohini Lobo, Sr.Orlande,Joreen and Romayne McMahon,and Joanna Fernandes,
    sitting: Kalpana Kundaji,Adeliade Godinho,Avril DeSilva,Maria-lena Mascarenhas and Silvia D’Souza.

    22/40 Class photo 19—

    Standing L/R: Edward Teigel,Roy Saldana,Anthony Gurjon,Conrad Walker,Errol McMahon,Savio Messias,Nelson Almedia,Jose Gomes,and George John.
    Girls Standing: Joreen McMahon, Rohini Lobo and Lira Rodriquese.
    Sitting L/R: Doris Fernandes,Philomena D’Sousa,Avril DeSilva, Joanna Fernandes,Ezilda Gomes,Sis.Micheal, Kalpana Kundaji,Luiza Rodricks,Adeliade Godhino,Estalastica britto, and Aninha Henriques.
    front: Daisy Fernandes,Silvia D’Souza Sara —–, and Emerita Rorario.

    What a great way of keeping in touch with the past, keep up the good work.

    I hope this information will be of some use to you and hope to see a few more class photos on the net.
    Many Thanks,
    Joreen Orchard.

  2. Margaret Beck nee Almeida Says:

    Wow Tony, amazed at your memory….Looking forward to meeting you and hope the entire McMohan Family…Will Lorraine be there?

  3. Bolivario Lobo Says:

    Hi! Toni, I have been under the impression that you were in England all this while. How nice to see your picture after so many years. Where is Loraine? Plesae convey my regards to her. I am Married and have two children. Presently working with Sesa Goa and stayinhg at Curchorem. Hope to see you on the 28th of Dec. 2008.

    Best regards,



    hey…. i dnt knw ne 1 frm yr time!… bt i knw sum of them…. ..n nice blog U. Tony!! 😛

  5. Beena Gupta(Bina Mital) Says:

    my name is BeenaGupta nee Mital.I am living in Kolkata and was surprised to see the wonderful site on the net which brought back old memories of school days.What a great way of keeping in touch with the past.Looking forward to meet you.
    Best regards

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