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My Girls: Jumping Numbers by Marina Correia-Afonso (Parent)

December 11th, 2008

My Jumping ChildrenIt is never too late to say "Thank You St. Therese’s" for the many happy, formative years my daughters spent within your portals!

Today I smile when I see long serpentine lines of anxious parents waiting to admit their wards to school it takes me back so many years when Lalita, Priya and Deepa were already in school and only Romilla remained to join. She had to appear for the entrance test – all of 4 years of age. She went for the test only to emerge an hour later with the verdict that she had failed as she did not know how to jump numbers!

Tony, my husband, an extremely mild person, on hearing this insult to his little daughter, grabbed Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful Memories – by Vilhena De Souza e Ferreira – Class of 1985

December 12th, 2008

Vilhena FerreiraHello Everyone,

Where do I begin!!!

The excitement of realising that it is actually possible to be in touch via this website is unbelievable. I received an email from Alwyn Henriques with an attachment of our school website and Boy! was I glued to the computer or what.

All Sunday I sat myself down trying to put names to faces. Most who are senior to me but still not forgotten. Beautiful memories came flooding back and to know that you all lovely people feel the same. To the brain behind this brilliant blog idea, a big thank you. Is it you Clara? Read the rest of this entry »

Cherished Golden Theresian Memories: Roque Fernandes – Class of ’80

December 15th, 2008

Roque FernandesHello! I am Roque (Rocky) Fernandes (Class of ‘80).

Clara, thank you for providing this website; your efficiency and hard work is much appreciated. Here I am, with daughter Renuka and wife Bojane.

It is with profound gratitude to our Alma Mater that I pen these words. The stream of beautiful anecdotes by our esteemed colleagues sums it all. We were all very fortunate and blessed to have graduated from one of the premier, if not the premier school in India.

The Great Pillars of St. Theresa, Sr. Loyola, Sr. Michael, Sr. Gemma, Sir Menon, Sir Francis, Ms. Gupta, Mrs. Singh, Ms. Cidalia, Ms. Zelia, Mrs. D’Lima, and Ms. Electra to mention Read the rest of this entry »

Magnificent Memories – by Malathi Seshadri – Head of Mathematics

December 15th, 2008

Malathi Seshadri‘St. Therese’s’ – words that bring back so many wonderful memories. The place where I started my career as a teacher in Goa, in 1967, the place where 3 of my children started school (the four of them are pictured here with me), the place that encouraged and implemented my work on programmed learning, the place where I made many wonderful friends…the list is endless.

From humble beginnings at Vaddem, with just 5 students taking high Maths, St. Therese’s has grown into a full fledged, accomplished educational institution that nurtures and moulds young minds into successful people.
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Congratulations St. Therese’s – Anupa Kunde (Nadkarni) – Class of ’84

December 16th, 2008

Anupa Kunde (Nadkarni)Hello Everyone,

This is Anupa Kunde, now Anupa Nadkarni (pictured here with my daughter Siddhi).

I passed the tenth grade in 1984 and spent all my school years at St.Therese’s except for the 6/7 Grades. I am so thrilled to know that my school is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

I wish I would have been able to attend this function. My sisters Rupa and Deepa and my brother Gajanan and me are all fortunate to have been a part of this school.We all owe a lot to St.Therese’s and its teachers including Ms. – Gupta, Singh, Cidalia, Zelia, Flavia, Vicki, Sir Menon, Sisters Margaret, Elvira and all the others for what we are today. Read the rest of this entry »

Hearty Congratulations! Vivienne Henriques nee Saldanha – Class of ’67

December 18th, 2008

Vivienne Henriques nee SaldanhaHello Everyone,

Better late than never! It’s me Vivienne Henriques saying hello to my "Class of 1967"! Geez! 41 years have gone by but the memory lingers on! I was filled with great pride and nostalgia when I learnt of the forthcoming Golden Jubilee celebrations of "St. Therese’s Convent High School". It brought tears of joy as I took a ride down memory lane.

Congratulations to the founders, the sisters, the staff and all the current and ex-students of "St. Therese’s Convent High Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful Memories – by Namrata (Parekh) Carolan – Class of 1995

December 20th, 2008

Namrata CarolanHi All,

I am so amazed to see how many people graduated from our school and are doing so well. I graduated in the year 1995, and grew up in Goa and the finest education in the earlier years Well You know St. Theresa s was known good enough for the best education and fine girls of course. I finished my Masters in Speech and Language Pathology, I worked for the hearing impaired, got couple of opportunities to sign language at many synagogues and churches. I am well settled here in Michigan, USA. Here is a picture with my Husband Patrick D’Arcy Carolan and (pictured in the inset) we have a miracle Baby La Darcy Nataniella Carolan, only 10 months old…
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A Magnificent School – by Mita (Dey) Korgaonker – Class of 1979

December 21st, 2008

Mita Dey KorgaonkerHi All,

Many of you might remember the two Dey sisters – Rita and Mita – who joined St. Therese’s in the ’70’s. Well, I graduated Class of 1979, along with Marian, Anakarina, Rahila, Lalita, Joyce, Rati, Judy, Annette, Rocky and so many others on this beautiful website – and my younger sister Rita graduated the following year, Class of 1980. Both of us are happily married and settled in Goa. My daughter Nikita and son Karan, are pictured here alongside my husband Arvind and myself.

I have lots to say about our magnificent school, a few lines of which I am penning here. St. Therese’s High school has made me what I am today. The teachers have taught me to hold my Read the rest of this entry »