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Since a plot of land which was promised at Chicalim did not materialize, the need was felt to look for another venue. Prayers were offered for God's guidance, and not very long after, Mr. Joe D'Souza, whose daighter Tessie was teaching in our school, came to our aid. After a lot of negotiations, he decided to give the Sisters a plot of land on Mangor Hill, which he had planned to sell to the local M.L.A. for a Shopping Centre. The land was purchased on the 16th July 1966, and the foundation for the school was laid in 1967. The construction of the school building progressed slowly as funds were very scarce. Considerable help was given by the Regional, and Cardinals abroad. An anonymous donor from Italy contributed a large sum and many local people gave generous help in organising fetes, dances, shows, etc., to collect funds for the building. Mother Immaculata was sent out specifically to supervise the first phase of the construction and remained there for a considerable time. The Sisters continued to live in the rented building.

After 15 long years, there was hope for the Sisters of building a convent of their own. On 1st January 1973, work on the foundatoin began, and on the 25th March it was inaugurated. 50 monsoons have passed this year, since the Sisters came to live in Vasco, and they recall with gratitude all that the Lord has done in or through them - together with Mary they sing "The Almighty has done great things for us, Holy is His name.


5th June 1958:
Sisters Patricia, Aloysius and Cieran arrive in Goa, and take up residence in a house belonging to Mr. Appa Pai, near St. Andrew's Church.

16th June 1958:
The School starts functioning with 16 students and 5 teachers i.e. Mrs. G. McMahon, Mrs. Rozalla, Ms. Philomena, Miss Linda Paes, Mrs. Dorothy Carvalho and Ms. Presco. Students keep increasing.

August 1958:
Foundation Day.
The Convent is formally inaugurated in Mr. Pai's house.

March 1960:
Sr. Patricia leaves and Sr. Christine joins the staff.

June 1960:
Staff members now include: Srs. Aloysius, Dominic and Christine, and teachers Mrs. G. McMahon, Mrs. Rozalla, Ms. Philomena, Ms. Presco, Mrs. Dorothy Carvalho and Miss Linda Paes.

Ms. Myrna D'Souza, Ms. Tessie D'Souza join the staff, Miss Linda Paes leaves to marry Aureo Quadros.

December 1962:
Sister Bernardine joins the staff.

Mrs. Lorna D'Souza joins the staff. Sr. Columba replaces Sr. Aloysius, and Miss Madeleine Rozalla replaces her mother.

June 1963:
Staff members now include: Srs. Columba, Bernardine and Christine, and teachers Mrs. G. McMahon, Philomena, Tessie, Madeleine, Myrna, Lorna, Rosamma and D. Carvalho.

Sister Margaret joins the staff.

Sisters start looking for a plot of land. Sister Catherine, Superior, works with Sr. Elvira and Sr. Roselima.

16th July 1966:
Sister Catherine, Superior, buys the land from Mr. Joe D'Souza.

Construction work for the school building starts, supervised by engineers Mr. R. McMahon (teacher Mrs. McMahon's husband) and Mr. Rozalla (teacher Mrs. Rozalla's husband) for contractor Chandarakant Naik.

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Principal: Sr. Anice George

Convenor's Message:
"Welcome past pupils, teachers and parents."

PTA Pres.: A. Henriques

President's Message:
"We are going to make this the best school Golden Jubilee ever!"

Gen-Sec.: Gustavo D'Souza

Gen. Sec.'s Message:
"On behalf of the 2008 50th Jubilee Committee, welcome back to Vasco

Co-ordnr.: Electra Rebello

Coordinator's Msg.:
"We're bringing all your memories together of the last 50 great years."